A few words on smarter business travel.

Travelling for business can be fun, rewarding and occasionally challenging. Some handle it with grace, travelling like seasoned pros – and then there’s the rest of us who, even when things are going smoothly, can’t help worrying with annoying certainty that we may well have left the iron on. We can’t check the iron for you (we can recommend non-iron shirts), but we’ve got a fair bit of travel experience and some quick and useful tips that will help you get down to business more successfully.

Pack it now and forget it – so you don’t forget it later.
Little details can get away from us when it comes time to pack for a business trip. So, we double up on things. Extra phone charger? Into the suitcase. Ditto the extra laptop cord. Speaking of things that you might forget: you deserve a new toothbrush – maybe even more than that $13 triangular Swiss chocolate bar from the hotel room fridge. Pick up two or three next time you’re at the drug store or supermarket and stash one in your clear toiletry kit, with whatever other travel items you bring. Leave it all in your suitcase between trips, and just like that, you’ve saved some time and worry.

You’ve got the whole world – in your phone.
Your phone is smarter than you’re giving it credit for, especially if the only app you’ve downloaded is “World of Waffles.” Don’t get us wrong, we love waffles – especially loaded up with peanut butter and bacon – but there are loads of great travel apps out there, and some include handy packing check lists that you can customize and save from trip to trip. We’ve got our favourites for travelling locally and abroad; spend a few minutes online and you’ll be sure to find your own preferred apps to make your travel life easier and more rewarding. And while we’re on the subject of apps: with its ability to book flights, store flight info and more, our own WestJet app is a handy choice for streamlining your travel plans.

Don’t travel hangry – that’s right, we said hangry.
Take a little bit of travel stress, add the grumblies as a result of maybe skipping breakfast to get to the airport on time, and suddenly you’re lurching into hangry territory – with no triangular chocolate bar in sight. You’re hungry, you’re angry, you’re having exactly no fun and quite possibly realizing a few hours later that you need to email an apology or six. Take a second to plan ahead: with a meal replacement bar or two in your carry-on you’re leaving hangry at the curb, and arriving with a smile on your face.

Get what’s coming to you – little extras can go a long way.
Business travel certainly does have its perks and bonuses. Travel rewards cards and loyalty programs can help you turn your business trip into an opportunity for future vacation travel. Silver and Gold WestJet Rewards tiers each offer a multitude of benefits: Gold benefits include advance boarding, same-day flight changes at check-in (at no cost), two free checked bags, ten airport lounge vouchers and more. A little bit of preparation and research here is like getting to the airport a bit early – it’s another small detail that will help make your business travel more pleasurable.

We hope these tips have provided you with some value and a leg up on your next business adventure. One last gentle reminder: as you’re getting ready for your trip, remember to pack a smile. It doesn’t cost extra, and it’s another great way to avoid getting hangry.

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