Wings, rivets and passion: Bombardier’s Toronto assembly site

At WestJet, we consider ourselves pretty good at operating a safe, friendly and affordable airline, but we’re not very knowledgeable about aircraft manufacturing on an assembly line. Thankfully, our friends at Bombardier have got that process covered. When given the chance to tour the Canadian aircraft manufacturer’s assembly site in Toronto – WestJetters naturally jumped at the chance.

Everyone knows WestJetters love surprising others but this time it was our turn for a treat. We expected fuselage, engines, and thousands and thousands of rivets – but our tour group noticed the most curious thing: something WestJetty was in the air.

Our group of 20 WestJetters found ourselves talking more about Bombardier’s people than the shiny, multi-million dollar Q400 NextGen aircraft being assembled in front of us. Bombardier’s staff astounded us by their warmth, hospitality and passion, from waving hello to our group, to inviting us to watch the production process up close, or chatting to us about their role in the process. It is a very proud workforce – and with good reason! It’s more than 85 years young and approximately 4,000 workers strong.

By partnering together with Bombardier to create WestJet Encore, we’ve generated jobs and employment hours at both companies, connected more guests to each other than ever before, and are liberating Canadians from the high cost of regional air travel.

It sure feels good to be partnered with a company whose employees are as passionate about their success as ours are.

Thanks to our friends at Bombardier for hosting us. Thanks for the waves and welcomes at your Toronto site. Thanks for making such wonderful aircraft.

Check out Bombardier’s video of our employee’s experience at the Toronto site.

This WestJetter post was written by Darren Hailes, WestJet Emerging Media Advisor.