On the wings of change with Split Scimitar winglets

Are you flying within the next year on one of WestJet’s 800-series aircraft? You may stare out the window and notice something a bit funny-looking on the tip of the wing. Say hello to Split Scimitar winglets. These winglets with downward-facing tips are the newest addition to our 737-800s. Fuel savings are looking up because we’re adding something that’s pointed down!

The Blended winglet structure we currently have – the upward-turned part – along with the addition of an aerodynamic tip and strake – the downward-turned part – combine to create the Split Scimitar winglet. A product of Aviation Partners Boeing, these add-ons decrease the size of wingtip vortices – mini air-tornadoes made at the wing’s tip – by creating increased air pressure from above and beneath the wing. By lessening drag and lifting the wing, Split Scimitars make flights more fuel-efficient. Other benefits also include minimized environmental impact and maintenance cost, as well as improved takeoff performance – something that makes our spirits soar along with the aircraft.

Guests flying on May 7 from Calgary to Phoenix were the first to be on a scheduled flight using the Split Scimitar winglets.

The plan is to retrofit our entire fleet of 737-800s throughout the spring and fall months. By the end of this process, all 21 of our 737-800 aircraft will have Split Scimitars. With installation consisting of adding on a ventral strake and strengthening the outer wing and current winglet, you can sit back and relax knowing that the unique appearance of the Split Scimitars will only enhance how you get from A to B.