Why did we create Plus?

We’ve been agents of change in our industry since 1996 and our new product, Plus, is yet another example of evolution in Canadian aviation. Now that the rollout of Plus is complete, we thought we’d share a little more about why we’ve chosen to add to an already great experience.

Our mission – unchanged since we launched – is to enrich lives through safe, friendly and affordable air travel. How we go about that, however, has changed quite a bit through the years. Back in 1996, our planes were safe and we loved them, but they were noisy and not exactly fuel efficient. Guests had only five cities to pick from. There was no food or entertainment – not even up! magazine!

Through the years we have welcomed change and innovation as catalysts for our growth.  We’ve continually refreshed our fleet and are about to start doing so again in 2017 with the latest-technology Boeing Next Generation 737 MAX aircraft. Guests are now given complimentary light snacks, and can also purchase sandwiches and other goodies on longer flights. We added TVs – with live programming! And stay tuned for an all-new entertainment system coming soon. We’ve got a loyalty program, WestJet Rewards, and award-winning credit cards. Earlier this year we started a regional airline, WestJet Encore, flying the wonderful Bombardier Q400 NextGen, to add more destinations, frequencies and non-stop services. We now fly to more than 85 destinations across North America, the Caribbean and Central America and have a growing code-share network, too.

As time’s gone on, we’ve heard from a growing number of Canadians, especially guests travelling for business, that they want more choice and flexibility. They’ve seen the value and great guest experience we’ve always provided, but their needs are a little bit different from folks who travel for leisure.

We’ve never shied away from guest feedback or from change, so when business travellers spoke, we listened. We developed a new product and called it Plus. Canadians who travel for business can now enjoy WestJet’s fun, friendly and caring service along with more choice, flexibility and important amenities – all for a much lower price than our major competitors.

Plus fares represent great value. Guests choosing Plus enjoy flexibility and choice without any concern over additional fees. Guests in Plus benefit from priority security screening and early boarding, as well as first access to overhead bin space once on board. Seats in Plus offer up to four inches of extra legroom, making it easier to get some work done during the flight. Guests who choose this fare also receive food and beverages from our on-board menu.

WestJet continues to evolve as we seek out new destinations and offer new product choices for our guests. We’re committed to making safe, friendly and affordable air travel available to more travellers than ever before.

Have you flown in Plus yet? Please comment below to tell us about your experience.

This WestJetter post was written by Darren Hailes, WestJet Emerging Media Advisor.