WestJet salutes women in aviation

Just before International Women’s Day, a WestJet captain received a hastily scribbled note on a napkin advising her of her “proper place” in the world. Quite rightfully, our Captain Carey Steacy replied that “there are no places that are not for ladies anymore.”

WestJetters are well-accustomed to the presence of a female captain or first officer on the flight deck (airline-speak for cockpit), but the general public might not be simply because there are more males than females at the pointy end of the plane. At least for now.

WestJet is proud to have so many women in our workforce — at every level of our organization and in every department. For example, we have a woman on our board of directors, two female executive vice-presidents and 68 female pilots proudly flying our aircraft. We’re not where we want to be yet, but we’re working hard to get there.

The video below shows the diverse range of careers available in aviation. At WestJet alone, there are more than 900 different job titles – and that’s an airline! Think of all of the amazing roles at some of our major partners like Boeing, Bombardier, Transport Canada, CATSA, NAV Canada and IATA, and the sky’s the limit on a career in aviation.

WestJet salutes women in aviation – both those who’ve blazed the trail in years gone by and those who today take the industry to new heights. We need more women in aviation and we invite you join us. Check out http://www.wai.org to get started in a career that will really take you places.