What makes a rewards program great?

University researchers (yes, academics!) publish research on rewards programs. It’s true; they say that rewards programs are measured based on three things: relevance, reward value and recognition. The three Rs of rewards.

Poets and romantics (and no, I don’t have any published proof in this instance) say that good rewards program enriches the lives of their members. I think that life is enriched by your loved ones and a positive outlook on life, but if all you’ve got is a rewards program, then you better join a good one.

So what makes the WestJet Rewards program great? Simple; we built our program with the approach to balance value for our members and WestJet. Today, we are launching additional enhancements to our program based on what we’ve heard from our members.

Yes, we changed our program based on feedback, focus groups and extensive market research with our members.

So how will these enhancements benefit you? With the new tier structure, we’re making it simpler to understand how you’ll earn WestJet dollars. For WestJet flights and vacation packages, we’re directly tying your earn rates to your tier status at time of flight date. And your earn rate will stay the same the whole time you are in that tier. For example, if you’re in the Gold tier, you’ll always earn five per cent on WestJet flights as long as you maintain your status.

Want to read more about the changes? Check out the WestJet Rewards FAQs.

We never stop listening to our members; thank you for actively participating in making WestJet Rewards even better.

This post was written by Leanne Nelson, a leader in WestJet Rewards.