WestJet Rewards members toast #WestJetDublin

Irish legends abound, but few come hand in hand with a brand recognized around the world. Guinness Stout holds a place in the hearts of the Irish, and the Irish at heart. Since the announcement of our new service to Dublin, we’re not surprised that our guests are eager to visit the place where the famous beer came to be: the Guinness Storehouse.

PintAny time we celebrate a new route, we look for an opportunity to have some fun. This time, our Executive team brought along some WestJet Rewards members on the inaugural flight to celebrate our first trans-Atlantic service. Their first order of business was a stop at the famous brew house. Tonight, on behalf of all WestJetters and the many guests who’ve contributed to our success, the group will raise a glass of the popular Irish stout in celebration at the Guinness Storehouse.

The building itself is stunning. Completed in 1904, it once housed the fermentation stage of the brewing process. By the 1980’s, the building was no longer usable for brewing and was redeveloped as a visitors’ centre for Guinness fans from around the world.

Guests at Guinness Storehouse learn about the company’s founding father, Arthur Guinness, the brewing process, and the history of the world-famous brand. Naturally, there’s instruction on how to pour the perfect pint.

More than one million visitors tour this popular attraction every year and give it rave reviews – perhaps because of what awaits visitors at the end! That’s right – your entry fee to the attraction includes a complimentary pint in Ireland’s highest bar. Sit back and enjoy a drink while taking in breathtaking views of Dublin. Don’t miss the mouth-watering beer and Guinness stew, either!

One thing that hasn’t been perfected yet is how to serve Guinness at altitude. When guests asked us to serve it on board our Dublin-bound flights, we took a few pints on a flight to test it out. The drink didn’t fare so well at 41,000 feet, ending up all over our flight attendants and galley! Thankfully, whiskey isn’t full of nitrogen bubbles, so we still have an Irish drink on board for you to enjoy.

If you have an opportunity to hop on board a WestJet flight to Ireland, be sure to put the Guinness Storehouse at the top of your list of things to do in Dublin. Sláinte!
This evening in Dublin, we hosted a small group of WestJet Rewards members at the Storehouse and treated them to the ultimate tasting session – the Guinness Connoisseur Experience. The event is part of an exclusive Dublin tour created to celebrate our new service to Europe. As the WestJet Rewards program grows, we’re finding more ways to acknowledge our guests and thank them for their loyalty. To find out more about WestJet Rewards, head to http://fly.ws/WestJet–Rewards.

This WestJetter post was written by Darren Hailes, WestJet Emerging Media Advisor.