WestJet Rewards members discover Dublin’s Temple Bar

Our Executive team took a small group of WestJet Rewards members with them to Ireland as part of our launch celebrations for our new destination, Dublin. After a night at Guinness Storehouse and a day touring Dublin’s sights, our honoured guests were treated to a night out at Temple Bar.

Temple Bar refers to a single pub (named after a nearby street), and an entire historic quarter of shopping, cafés and, naturally, Irish pubs. The area boasts car-free streets which bustle with foot traffic, and has maintained much of its original architecture.

Unlike many entertainment quarters around the world frequented by tourists, the pubs along these narrow, cobbled lanes are a draw for locals, too – maybe because some of Dublin’s best restaurants are found here. There’s plenty of traditional Irish fare produced from fresh, local ingredients, but foodies will find the menus in the area are as varied as any modern, cosmopolitan city.

One of the most overwhelming features of this district is the live music pumping out from each and every venue. If you want to hear the fiddles and drums the Emerald Isle is renowned for, there’s plenty of that, but it is by no means the only entertainment available. Regardless of the music being played, it is a virtual guarantee it will be outstanding.

While Temple Bar is famous for its nightlife, there’s also plenty to see and do during the day. Naturally, pubs and cafes are open for lunch, and many an afternoon has been spent enjoying a pint or a coffee under Dublin’s temperate summer sun. WestJet guest’s luggage will also be filled with treasures picked up in the three colourful markets – from books to food and pieces from local artisans and clothing designers. The maze of streets is filled with theatres, studios, galleries and cultural centres – varied enough to hold the attention of enthusiasts and those with a more casual interest.

If it’s food, arts and culture, or of course, local music and dancing in one of the area’s lively bars, there is plenty to keep you entertained at Temple Bar – and enough to make you want to come back.

Earlier this week in Dublin, we treated a small group of WestJet Rewards members to a night out at Temple Bar. The event is part of an exclusive Dublin tour created to celebrate our new service to Europe. As the WestJet Rewards program grows, we’re finding more ways to acknowledge our guests and thank them for their loyalty. To find out more about WestJet Rewards, head to http://fly.ws/WestJet–Rewards.

This WestJetter post was written by Darren Hailes, WestJet Emerging Media Advisor.