WestJet partners with Free The Children

Today we announced our partnership with Free The Children – WestJet’s seventh Cares for Kids partner.

The special announcement took place following our annual general meeting (AGM) in Toronto, where we hosted 33 enthusiastic students from Toronto’s St. Thomas Aquinas High School. These students had been invited to attend our AGM to learn more about the airline business, see the Stock Exchange bell rung and have the opportunity to hear our President and CEO Gregg Saretsky speak. What this group of young, motivated students didn’t know was that they had actually been invited to the AGM to be part of a surprise announcement.

Upon completion of the AGM, Gregg invited Craig Keilburger on the stage and together they announced that Free the Children was going to be WestJet’s newest Cares for Kids partner. Not only was WestJet partnering with this great organization that encourages the youth of today to be global citizens, but WestJet would also be flying in youth from remote Canadian communities to attend a We Day through Free the Children’s billet program. The students in from St. Thomas Aquinas High School learned that through this program they would be hosts for a group of students flying in to attend the Toronto We Day this Fall!

Craig and Gregg
Photo credit: Olivia Gissing/Free The Children

Just when the students thought the event was done, there was still one more surprise in store for them – Gregg and Craig both announced that in celebration of this partnership, there was a special guest who wanted to be part of this announcement – Karl Wolf! Karl Wolf appeared and performed two songs for a very excited group of students, WestJet executives and shareholders. He then generously signed autographs and met with the group.
Karl Wolff and kids selfie
We were thrilled to have partnered with Free The Children to give the students from St. Thomas Aquinas High School the chance to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime event. We look forward to bringing many schools across Canada together to participate in We Day this fall to acknowledge their commitment to bringing about change in their communities through Free The Children’s campaigns and programs.

To learn more about our partnership, please visit the WestJet Cares for Kids page on westjet.com or freethechildren.com.

This past April, WestJet flew youth from neighbouring communities to a We Day event in Ottawa. Check out our adventure on YouTube below.