WestJet does cargo (and has been for a while)

WestJet Cargo transports the things that matter to you. We’ve been shipping freight across our Canadian network since 1996, and you’ll receive the same safe, friendly and affordable service from WestJet Cargo that guests and businesses have come to expect from WestJet.

Our business-friendly schedule for 2013 was updated to include increased frequency to our existing cargo routes as well as the addition of several new locations. In addition to our Canadian network, we now offer service to and from Cancun, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Miami, Puerto Plata, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Cana, and Samana. Over the next several months, we will be adding Bridgetown, Cabo San Lucas, Dublin, Montego Bay, New York and San Francisco to our cargo network.

We are also enhancing our service by partnering with other airlines, which enables us to tie into global networks. We’ve updated our website, making it easier for you to book and track shipments and find out what can be shipped. Our team will also create a customized account to meet your specific shipping needs.

Like WestJet, part of what sets WestJet Cargo apart is the way we treat the people and communities we operate in. In 2013, WestJet Cargo shipped more than 15,000 kilograms of humanitarian aid in support of Alberta flood relief. We also helped 29 very special Calgarians (including spider monkeys and anteaters) get situated in their new homes in zoos around Canada.

WestJet Cargo specializes in handling other live, less-exotic passengers. Our team makes it easy to send your furry, scaled or feathered traveller without you and without worrying about the ride. You can trust your packages (and pets) with WestJet Cargo because we treat your shipment the same way we’d treat you.