WestJet announces new Rewards tier and virtual assistant

WestJet is today offering WestJet Rewards Gold members additional convenience and greater benefits with the launch of a unique personal digital assistant.

The voice-activated WestJet virtual assistant, equipped with artificial intelligence, can help with flight changes, pre-purchasing in-flight meals, booking a WestJet Vacations package and more.

WestJet Rewards has achieved enormous success and the WestJet virtual assistant is the next step in giving Rewards members what they are literally asking for. By simply saying, “Hey WestJetter” Gold members, who already enjoy priority services and member-only exclusives, can now access WestJet assistance on the fly, using only their voice.

The airline today also announced an additional rewards tier, the Titanium Diamond tier, offering the best of WestJet Rewards tiers (Teal, Silver and Gold) plus access to an actual WestJetter to take their place.

Truly computers can do many jobs better than humans and we trust them with so many aspects of our lives. But a computer can’t give you a firm handshake or toast a glass to a new relationship. That’s where our WestJetters are ready to step in and help our Titanium Diamond tier members. We know frequent travellers are busy and can use a little help with the important things in life. Our really intelligent WestJetters are here to not only make business travel easier, but life as well.