Universal Orlando™ is an epic vacation for everyone

Water theme park. Volcano.

I think we can all agree that when you put those words together in a vacation scenario, you’re on your way to a seriously awesome vacation. The water theme park is Universal’s Volcano Bay™, which opened this past summer at Universal Orlando. The volcano is named Krakatau™, Volcano Bay’s incredible 200-foot-tall centrepiece.

With the opening of Volcano Bay, there are now three Universal parks to choose from: Universal Studios Florida™, where your favourite on-screen heroes come to life and make you part of the story; Universal’s Islands of Adventure™, named the TripAdvisor® Travelers’ Choice #1 Amusement Park for the third year in a row; and Universal’s Volcano Bay, where thrills and relaxation flow in perfect harmony. Plus, you can enjoy even more dining and entertainment at Universal CityWalk™, known as “the Epicenter of Awesome”.

Are there must-see attractions at Universal Orlando? Well, as you can tell, we’re pretty stoked about Universal’s Volcano Bay. Use TapuTapu™, Volcano Bay’s interactive wrist wearable, to hold your place in a ride line, and enhance your park experience. You can also add your credit card information to your TapuTapu for TapTu Pay™, for the ultimate hands-free, worry-free park experience (please note that if you wish to purchase alcohol while visiting, you’ll need to carry your photo ID). Universal Orlando offers a number of multi-day, multi-park tickets, each designed to help you customize your stay, maximize your enjoyment, and enjoy some savings.


Photo: alexisoutthere on Instagram

If theme parks (and fun vacations in general) are your thing, then Universal Orlando is the very definition of fun for the whole family. But some of us wonder, what age is too young? Universal has earned a reputation for being a bit livelier than other famous Florida theme parks. Little ones see the world as a big, wonderful new place just about every day––in a theme park, that big, new, wonderfulness is magnified in every way and in every direction. Volcano Bay has pretty sweet attractions for toddlers, Tot Tiki Reef™, with its kid-size volcano, Kopiko Wai Winding River, and Runamukka Reef with all sorts of sprinklers, slides and more.

Planning can make all the difference to a vacation – especially when it comes to theme parks. Yes, it helps to be flexible, go with the flow (waterpark pun, there), and allow for surprises, but it’s best to know before you go which attractions are most attractive to you. Head into each day with a plan, though, always remembering to have fun––it is, after all, your vacation.  To get you started on your way to Universal Orlando, here are a few planning suggestions:

Book an on-site hotel. “But that’s more expensive, isn’t it?” It can be, but the benefits––easy and early access to the park, close proximity to your favourite attractions, and an easy way to get “home” during or at the end of the day––are worth the expense. Universal currently has five hotels (and a sixth one on the way!) that put you right in the middle of all the awesomeness. Each is within walking, shuttle, or water-taxi distance from all three parks and Universal CityWalk, plus hotel guests enjoy exclusive park benefits you can’t get anywhere else.

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando Resort

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando Resort

 Buy your park passes in advance. When you buy in advance, you can often find great deals, it makes it easier to plan your itinerary, and it also helps heighten the anticipation factor––you’ll know exactly what kind of amazing fun you’ll be having on which amazing day.

Pick your “home base” before you start your day at Universal Orlando. Find a place in one of the parks––poolside, cabana, restaurant, anywhere you can start and end your day, and set an approximate time when you’ll get back to home base. We know that kind of sounds like “fun on a deadline”, but with large families or those with small children, a schedule adds an element of much-needed sanity.

Above all – plan to have fun, and lots of it!