Signals and Calling the Shot: Blue Jays moments with WestJet, part 3

One month into the 2013 season and it looks like JP has picked up a thing or two from our flight attendant, Jessica, in Tampa Bay. Since she called her shot home to Halifax, JP has taken it upon himself to do the same thing this April – going deep 8 times already! Keep it up JP, it’s true, women DO love the long ball!

Jessica had a busy week in Tampa, not only giving JP pointers (literally) but showing Brett a few new signals. Needless to say, we are glad the Blue Jays didn’t pick these up for the 2013 season or else Brett might still be at first base, waiting for them to finish in French. It’s great to see Brett back at 3rd base, and his defense has been a welcome addition to what we hope to be a promising May.

We can’t close this blog post without sending a “Get Well Soon!” shout-out to injured short stop, Jose Reyes, from all 9,000+ WestJetters. We hope to see you back on the field soon.

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