Top praise for a top boss

We were delighted that Canadian Business magazine this week named our President and CEO, Gregg Saretsky, as top new CEO of the year as part of its inaugural CEO of the Year awards. The award is given to the top chief executive officer in the role for less than five years, as judged by a prestigious panel of Canadian business leaders and academics. Gregg’s business acumen is highly publicized, and our financial, operational and guest experience results speak for themselves. But we also admire Gregg’s human side. On our employee Facebook page, we asked WestJetters what makes Gregg such a great leader:

  • “He’s human. He apologizes when it’s important. Explains the ‘why’ behind decisions. Empathizes with all of us. Supports us all in being heard. He’s kind, ambitious, smart as heck and humble. He fits the WestJet persona and has the passion to dream big!” (Maria, Halifax airport)
  • “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve met him, he always remembers your name!“ (Lisa, WestJet Vacations contact centre)
  • “He remembers where he came from and does not put himself above any part of the job. He’ll explain where we are headed as a company just as passionately as he’ll help lift a guest’s bag or push a wheelchair.” (Theressa, Toronto airport)
  • “When times are tough in the contact centre on busy winter days, he comes down and offers his help in any way possible: phone calls, hugs or whatever he can do to ease our load and stress. He is so approachable and will always stop to say hello and ask how your day is going.” (Colleen, contact centre)
  • “A testimony to how amazingly engaged and devoted our leadership team is: I highly doubt Gregg would make it five minutes on Undercover Boss!” (Ashley, Creative Services)
  • “He responds quickly to emails sent directly to him. It’s amazing to be able to contact the CEO and have a response to questions the same day!” (David, Boeing 737 First Officer)
  • “Gregg’s never afraid to roll up his paisley sleeves and help out!” (Anne, Calgary airport)

We’re proud to be working together with a great leader towards our vision of becoming one of the world’s most successful airlines.

Congratulations on your award, Gregg!

Gregg's 2013 Halloween costume.

Gregg’s 2013 Halloween costume.

Gregg running in the 2013 Run for the Cure in honor of one of our flight attendants who is battling breast cancer.

Gregg running in the 2013 Run for the Cure in honor of one of our flight attendants who is battling breast cancer.

Happy birthday, boss! Our head office's fifth floor prepared a friendly prank for Gregg's birthday.
Happy birthday, boss! Our head office’s fifth floor prepared a friendly prank for Gregg’s birthday.

This WestJetter post was written by Darren Hailes, WestJet Emerging Media Advisor.