To our valued travel agent partners

Last Thursday we introduced a banner ad highlighting several new enhancements to our website. In our excitement to promote these changes, we have offended some of our travel agent partners who were under the impression we were suggesting that the guest bypass the travel agent and book directly with WestJet. On behalf of WestJet, I apologize for this confusion. Based on feedback we have received from our travel agent partners, we have made modifications to this to make sure it is more clearly conveyed.

WestJet’s success has been greatly aided by the important and ongoing relationship with the travel agent community. You have been instrumental in making Westjet the success it is and look forward to your continued support.

We fully recognize the benefits that travel agents bring for many of their customers and we certainly want to encourage those relationships to continue to flourish. Travel agents provide an important value-add to the travel experience.

We also recognize that for many of our guests, they are looking for the simplicity of booking directly through our websites. We have invested significantly to improve the functionality of our website and what we hoped to convey to the market segment that wishes to book direct is that they can also do this conveniently on The benefits we denoted on booking through our website were only communicated on

Moving forward we will also improve the website capabilities for our travel agent partners. We value the relationship and are working hard to improve their experience as well.

So whether you are looking for the full-service model our travel agents provide to their customers or simply to book directly through, we’ve got you covered.