The change starts with “We”

“The impact from We Day on me was very strong and I hope to start making a change. I’ve been putting ideas together to make a team and work together for our own fundraising idea”

“It was an experience of a lifetime”

“My first time flying was on October 28 on my way to We Day. Thanks to WestJet and Free The Children it was incredible!”

“A huge inspiration”

These are the words from some of the Canadian youth who had the opportunity to participate in the partnership program between WestJet and Free The Children. This fall, WestJet flew close to 100 youth from across Canada to We Day events to learn that they too can be the change.

Thunder Bay We Day group
The youth were selected based on the local and international volunteer commitments they had made in their schools and communities. They hosted food drives, bake sales and coffee houses, sponsored children across the world,and participated in organized events such as 24-hour famines to make their communities a better place. Some were even involved in social justice clubs or classes, but the common thread was everyone wanted to make a positive impact on our world.

Youth were flown by WestJet from seven communities such as Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Regina and Deer Lake to attend a We Day in a large Canadian city. The students were hosted in each city for the evening by a local school giving everyone the opportunity to share experiences from their home cities and school programs. During these evenings, youth from both schools worked with Free The Children facilitators to reflect on their individual gifts, talents and what they are passionate about; causes they could bring to the forefront in their communities and ways how they would bring attention to these important issues.

Toronto We Day group

Bright and early the following day everyone was off to a We Day. Some groups wore matching shirts, some brought signs, but everyone brought their We Day spirit and excitement to learn.

Welcome to We Day

The students were treated to inspirational performances and speakers – Hedley, Mustafa the poet, Spencer West and Kardinal Official. Through these inspirational leaders, students were empowered with the knowledge that they could make a change in their community and world no matter how old they are. Excitement and enthusiasm was always high and ideas were flowing. The youth would bring back the lessons learned from We Day back to their peers at school. On the flights home, action plans were formed and change was already happening.

Yukon Change the World

WestJet is pleased to have provided this opportunity to these youth through our Cares for Kids program. To see a WestJet We Day trip in action, check out the video below.