Some numbers, some thoughts, and an insightful way of seeing

October is winding down, and it’s been quite a month. We’ve been honoured to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our limited edition pink scarves and ties not only made a colourful addition to the WestJet uniform, but we sold out of them and in the process raised an additional $47,750 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We’ve also learned a few things, and so it seems like a good time to reflect.

A few numbers tell us why the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is such a valuable organization, which is why they deserve and earn our continued support.

  • One in nine Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.
  • This year, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure raised an estimated $17 million.
  • Since 1986, CBCF has invested more than $360 million in breast cancer research, and funded in excess of 1,400 scientific and community grants.

Where does your donation go? The money raised by the CIBC Run for the Cure goes to mission-related work, including breast cancer research grants, community health programs, education and peer support programs. As we became more familiar this month with the important work of CBCF, it occurs to us that donations – of money and time – go so much further. When you read or hear the stories of breast cancer survivors and their families, and when you participate in the CIBC Run for the Cure, you realize that every dollar donated helps to support those diagnosed with the disease.

We had an inspiring conversation this month with WestJetter Dina Gallant. A two-time breast cancer survivor, Dina was kind enough to talk with us about her journey. One particular thing Dina mentioned to us really struck a chord. We were discussing the value of being grateful for each day, and not taking anything for granted. Then she mentioned that on a nice day, “I don’t just see the blue sky, I really see the blue.”

Thank you, Dina. Thank you to all the WestJetters who ran for the cure, who donated time and money, and who continue to show their support by wearing our pink ties and scarves. And a gigantic thank you to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, for working toward a future without breast cancer, and for helping thousands to feel hope, community, compassion – and to “see the blue.” We encourage you to see the blue, too.