Introducing #SmartSeats: the best way to board a plane

There is no shortage of scientific studies and articles covering the best or most efficient way to board an airplane. While they’re all interesting to read, they’re all wrong. The biggest challenges to boarding a plane faster have nothing to do with what rows board first or who sits where. The challenge is people.

So, after exhaustive research, we’ve taken people out of the equation by introducing SmartSeats, a revolutionary new way to board the aircraft faster. With SmartSeats, you sit in your designated seat in the boarding lounge and that’s it. We take care of the rest. When it’s time to move onto the plane, your SmartSeats will automatically transport you to your place in an organized and efficient manner. This, in turn, will help improve the travel experience for all our guests on all of our flights.

We could tell you all about how great our new SmartSeats are, but we’d rather show them to you. This quick video will illustrate the true genius of our new idea in action on our recent SmartSeats inaugural flight.

We can’t wait to welcome you on board and give you the chance to enjoy our amazing SmartSeats soon. And the next time you tweet us with a creative suggestion on how we could change our processes to board the plane faster, don’t be surprised if we send you here. Trust us, we’ve done all the research and crunched all the numbers. We now know that this method is the best way to get you on board your flight and on your way as quickly as possible.