Showing owners care: WestJet flight attendant saves a life

On December 11, 2013, Wayne and Marlene, a married couple from Edmonton, decided to return home a few days early from a trip to Phoenix because Wayne wasn’t feeling well. Although they are frequent WestJet guests, Wayne and Marlene booked a US Airways flight because there weren’t any seats available on WestJet that evening.

Meanwhile, WestJetter Guy was working as a flight attendant on a WestJet flight from Palm Springs to Edmonton on that same night.

Shortly after Wayne and Marlene’s US Airways flight landed, the WestJet flight from Palm Springs pulled up to the gate at Edmonton International Airport. Guy and the rest of his crew were walking towards customs when they heard the sound of an alarm. Looking down the corridor, Guy saw two women huddled around a man lying on the floor and he ran over to help.

“Immediately, my flight attendant training kicked in and I began checking the man’s vital signs,” says Guy.” I could see that he wasn’t breathing and was unresponsive – that’s when we grabbed the defibrillator and began CPR.”

Assisted by another crew member from US Airways, Guy administered breaths and CPR after two shocks from the defibrillator.

“I remember stabilizing the man’s head and hearing him gasp for air. He slowly came to,” Guy recalls. “His wife saw him breathing and ran over. It was a really emotional moment for everyone who was there.”

The man was Wayne; his wife, Marlene, was in shock as she watched her husband fight for his life. Shortly after Wayne regained consciousness, EMS arrived and released the crews from the scene.

Later that night, Guy received a call from the chief fire marshal at Edmonton International Airport. The marshal called to let Guy know that doctors at the hospital confirmed Wayne had experienced a heart attack and he would not have lived without the quick action of Guy and the other crew members on scene.

The marshal also asked Guy if it was okay for Marlene to contact him – she wanted to personally thank Guy herself.

When Marlene and Guy connected, Marlene shared with Guy how reassured she felt when she saw WestJetters arrive to help Wayne. She immediately felt a sense of comfort and connection with the WestJet uniform, and believes it was meant to be that their flight was delayed so WestJetters could be there to help. Marlene still keeps in touch with Guy to let him know how Wayne is doing.

We are incredibly proud of the great work Guy, and the rest of our 2500+ flight attendants do every day. On September 9, 2014 Guy was recognized for his efforts with a St. John’s Ambulance Life-Saving Award, which was presented to him in front of his Inflight peers.