Seven(teen) cool things to do and see in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has long been known as the Island of Enchantment, or Isla del Encanto in Spanish. Visit this amazing destination and you’ll see why – there’s so much to do and see in Puerto Rico that just about anyone can live their version of a dream Caribbean getaway. Here are a few of our favourite cool things to do and see in Puerto Rico.

Hit the beach. Yes, Puerto Rico is a relatively small island, but it’s an island – and that means coastline to the tune of 270 miles. Much of that coastline is gorgeous, soft white sand and the quintessential crystal blue Caribbean waters. Whether you choose the beautiful Flamenco Beach, Seven Seas, or La Monserrate, a day at the beach in Puerto Rico is truly a day in paradise.

On a boat in Puerto Rico

Get out on the water. Whether it’s surfing, sailing, a relaxing boat cruise, diving or snorkelling, the waters around Puerto Rico beckon with plenty of opportunities for fun. Our personal favourite just might be the Mosquito Bay tour in Vieques. Don’t let the name deter you – the mosquitoes aren’t that bad and the big draw of this nighttime excursion is bioluminescence: water that glows when you touch it! Mosquito Bay has been called the world’s brightest display of bioluminescence.

Get out and dance. Yes, sunshine and blue skies are the reason many of us go to the Caribbean, but San Juan offers a rich and vibrant nightlife scene. Salsa music is the true heartbeat of the island, and if you’re in the mood to try out your moves on the dance floor, you’re sure to find a live band playing live salsa and infectious Afro-Caribbean jazz.Puerto Rico El Yunque

Take a walk on the wild side. El Yunque is the only sub-tropical rainforest in the United States (Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory), and well worth the visit, with its waterfalls and exotic flora and fauna. Guánica Dry Forest is protected as a United Nations Biosphere Reserve, and makes for a great day trip.

Get up above the trees. Want to fly above the tree tops at speeds reaching 100km/h? Well, you can, at Toroverde Nature Adventure Park. One of Toroverde’s star attractions is an absolute beast of a zip line, called The Monster. It’s certified by Guinness World Records as the longest zip line in the universe, at 2530 metres.Puerto Rico Old San Juan

Visit Old San Juan. One of North America’s oldest settlements, Old San Juan is a charming and vital neighbourhood in San Juan that also happens to be 465 years old. Here you can enjoy a uniquely Puerto Rican mix of history, culture and commerce. See the sights, enjoy local cuisine, relax and make a day of it; you’ll be glad you did.

Get off the grid, island-style. Culebra and Vieques, small islands off Puerto Rico’s east coast, both offer incredible off-the-beaten path opportunities to slow things down, and simply enjoy being. Vieques was controlled by the U.S. Navy for over 50 years, and has remained a pristine and largely undeveloped paradise where visitors can unwind.

So there’s seven cool things, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Want a few more ideas? How about: see the countryside at your own speed on a La Buelta Cycling tour; enjoy outdoor yoga at Hix Island House on Vieques; take a Bacardi Rum Tour; take a coffee tour (maybe the day after the rum tour); ride the Paso Fino horses; visit the Observatorio de Arebico for an out-of-this-world Caribbean experience; immerse yourself in more colourful island history at San German; tour La Ruta Panoramica through the mountainous heart of the island; catch a baseball game (called béisbol here); do your best not to fall in love with Puerto Rico – it is, after all, the Island of Enchantment, and an amazing place to visit, where every day and night unfolds with an abundance of possibilities.  Where to go, what to do? It’s all up to you!