Meet R.A.L.F.H. – The newest innovation in inflight comfort

In its simplest form, flight truly is a gift. It’s so much more than human beings, piled into a metal cylinder, hurtled through the atmosphere at more than 800 km/h. When you add food, drink, inflight Wi-Fi, streaming entertainment and a variety of other recent additions, we now enjoy the type of inflight experience at 41,000 feet that our grandparents couldn’t even dream of.

The airline industry has invested years in science and technology to allow us to get where we are today. And each year, we strive to bring something new and unique to our own guests’ experience. When we think of innovation, we often think about what can be added, whether it’s a new device or feature. This year, we asked ourselves, “what could be taken away?”.

WestJet’s Research & Development team is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our industry-leading inflight service. His name is R.A.L.F.H.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the next 2 minutes as we change the world of aviation, forever. Again.