Impacted Flights – COVID-19

Last updated September 23, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. MT

The safety of our guests and crews is our top priority. It is our goal to be open and transparent throughout this rapidly evolving situation. This page will be updated regularly with information on COVID-19 impacted flights in our network.

The public health authority has jurisdiction, and a process, for notifying guests on board the flight, we are providing all necessary information as required. We have a strict process and protocol in place for notifying our crew of affected flights and are not always able to post the information in coordination with public health.

Guests in affected rows of the below flights are considered close contacts and may be at risk for exposure. Public health officials recommend that affected individuals self-isolate for 14 days after arrival and monitor symptoms. Guests are advised to contact their primary care provider, or their local public health unit if they are concerned that they may have been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

All guests who were on the listed flights, but not in the affected rows are advised to self-monitor for signs of cough, fever or respiratory issues and to call their local health authorities if symptoms arise within the next 14 days.

Flight DateFlight NumberDepartingDestinationRows
March 213241Calgary (YYC)Kamloops (YKA)All seats
March 1910Calgary (YYC)Paris (CDG)N/A
March 19831Cancun (CUN)Toronto (YYZ)1-6
March 183380Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)17-20
March 172313Cancun (CUN)Calgary (YYC)Exit row
March 17669Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)20-24
March 172311Cancun (CUN)Calgary (YYC)Premium cabin
March 17 3281Calgary (YYC)Penticton (YYF)All seats
March 174London (LGW)Toronto (YYZ)All rows
March 173343Calgary (YYC)Kelowna (YLW)Exit row
March 169Paris (CDG)Calgary (YYC) 2-6
March 162311Cancun (CUN)Calgary (YYC)All seats
March 163456Toronto (YYZ)Moncton (YQM)All seats
March 151571Denver (DEN) Calgary (YYC)All seats
March 153016Medicine Hat (YHX)Calgary (YYC)8-14
March 153372Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE) All seats
March 143268Edmonton (YEG)Regina (YQR)5-11
March 143300Calgary (YYC)Regina (YQR)14-20
March 14202Calgary (YYC)Winnipeg (YWG)19-25
March 141511Los Angeles (LAX)Calgary (YYC)15-19
March 131501Las Vegas (LAS)Calgary (YYC) 13-19
March 131100Toronto (YYZ)Los Angeles (LAX)All seats
March 12490Winnipeg (YWG)Toronto (YYZ)5-9
March 12667Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC) 11-17
March 122London (LGW)Calgary (YYC)24-40
March 121447Las Vegas (LAS)Edmonton (YEG) 2-8
March 12665Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC) 19-27
March 121201New York (LGA)Toronto (YYZ) 3-9
March 122311Cancun (CUN)Calgary (YYC) 32-38
March 123240Edmonton (YEG)Grande Prairie (YQU) 1-6
March 12118Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)19-25
March 114London (LGW)Toronto (YYZ) 10-16
March 111771Phoenix (PHX)Vancouver (YVR) 5-9
March 113263Regina (YQR)Edmonton (YEG)12-18
March 11302Vancouver (YVR)Regina (YQR) 5-9
March 11670Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ) 16-22
March 10232Calgary (YYC)Winnipeg (YWG) 17-23
March 103538Toronto (YYZ)Montreal (YUL)3-8
March 103326Vancouver (YVR)Kelowna (YLW) 10-16
March 10445Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC) 6-12
March 104London (LGW)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
March 91681New York (JFK)Calgary (YYC)all rows
March 9178Kelowna (YLW)Calgary (YYC)Exit row
March 92310Calgary (YYC)Cancun (CUN)all seats
March 92643Liberia (LIR)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
March 8271Winnipeg (YWG)Calgary (YYC)All Rows
March 81680Calgary (YYC)New York (JFK)All rows
March 71226Toronto (YYZ)Orlando (MCO)All rows
March 71157San Juan (SJU)Toronto (YYZ) 2-6
March 72644Toronto (YYZ)Liberia (LIR)N/A
March 73440Toronto (YYZ)Moncton (YQM) 7-11
March 52London (LGW)Calgary (YYC)36-40
March 32London (LGW)Calgary (YYC) 7-14
February 281199Phoenix (PHX)Toronto (YYZ) 18-22
March 21535Toronto (YYZ)Winnipeg (YWG)All seats
March 213324Vancouver (YVR)Kelowna (YLW)All seats
March 20195Calgary (YYC)Victoria (YYJ)All seats
March 201591Atlanta (ATL)Calgary (YYC)12-19
March 18600Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)18-24
March 183380Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)17-20
March 182310Calgary (YYC)Cancun (CUN)1-6
March 171499Phoenix (PHX)Calgary (YYC)2-8
March 161221Fort Lauderdale (FLL)Toronto (YYZ)All seats
March 16 1789Las Vegas (LAS)Vancouver (YVR)All seats
March 162London (LGW)Calgary (YYC)8-14
March 161201New York (LGA)Toronto (YYZ)2-8
March 16 3300Calgary (YYC)Regina (YQR)All seats
March 169Paris (CDG)Calgary (YYC)2-6
March 151231Fort Lauderdale (FLL)Toronto (YYZ)6-12
March 153256Calgary (YYC)Brandon (YBR)All seats
March 15252Toronto (YYZ)Halifax (YHZ)12-18
March 151681New York (JFK)Calgary (YYC)11-17
March 144209Paris (CDG)Calgary (YYC)12-18
March 142London (LGW)Calgary (YYC)All seats
March 14526Calgary (YYC)Winnipeg (YWG)19-25
March 14323Toronto (YYZ)Saskatoon (YXE)17-20
March 121475Palm Springs (PSP)Calgary (YYC)10-16
March 12 122Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)4-10
March 12530Calgary (YYC)Winnipeg (YWG)5-11
March 11452Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)All seats
March 102643Liberia (LIR)Toronto (YYZ)7-13
March 102313Cancun (CUN)Calgary (YYC)All seats
March 10135Calgary (YYC)Vancouver (YVR)All seats
March 81333Las Vegas (LAS)Regina (YQR)3-9
March 72419Cancun (CUN)Saskatoon (YXE)17-24
March 6546Winnipeg (YWG)Toronto (YYZ)8-14
March 2 735London (YXU)Calgary (YYC)5-11
March 13521Montreal (YUL)Toronto (YYZ)All seats
March 1659Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)All seats
March 253520Toronto (YYZ)Montreal (YUL)1-6
March 201857Maui (OGG)Calgary (YYC)All seats
March 191858Calgary (YYC)Maui (OGG)All seats
March 143256Calgary (YYC)Brandon (YBR)9-15, 12-18
March 103276Edmonton (YEG)Saskatoon (YXE)16-20
March 212London (LGW)Toronto (YYZ)1-7
March 212433Montego Bay (MBJ)Winnipeg (YWG)2-8
March 211857Maui (OGG)Calgary (YYC)Business cabin
March 20243Halifax (YHZ)Toronto (YYZ)All seats
March 19 3421St. Johns (YYT)Halifax (YHZ)All seats
March 183Toronto (YYZ)London (LGW)All seats
March 17368Toronto (YYZ)Ottawa (YOW)14-20
March 163274Edmonton (YEG)Saskatoon (YXE)16-19
March 161207New York (LGA)Toronto (YYZ)All seats
March 141201New York (LGA)Toronto (YYZ)All seats
March 121401Las Vegas (LAS)Calgary (YYC)All seats
March 103276Edmonton (YEG)Saskatoon (YXE)16-20
March 239Paris (CDG)Calgary (YYC)N/A
March 21648Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)1-7
March 19493Winnipeg (YWG)Calgary (YYC)4-10
March 193281Calgary (YYC)Penticton (YYF)N/A
March 19246Toronto (YYZ)Halifax (YHZ)All seats
March 182205Puerto Vallarta (PVR)Edmonton (YEG)8-14
March 18445Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)1-7
March 17672Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)1-6
March 162153Puerto Vallarta (PVR)Vancouver (YVR)N/A
March 163185Vancouver (YVR)Victoria (YYJ)N/A
March 15669Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)N/A
March 153103Calgary (YYC)Nanaimo (YCD)N/A
March 212455Puerto Vallarta (PVR)Winnipeg (YWG)8-14
March 17672Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)1-6
March 242599San José (SJO)Toronto (YYZ)19-25
March 212419Cancun (CUN)Saskatoon (YXE)N/A
March 214London (LGW)Toronto (YYZ)2-8
March 192279Los Cabos (SJD)Calgary (YYC)1-6
March 184London (LGW)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
March 182247Puerto Vallarta (PVR)Calgary (YYC)N/A
March 17323Toronto (YYZ)Saskatoon (YXE)7-21
March 162455Puerto Vallarta (PVR)Winnipeg (YWG)7-13
March 144London (LGW)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
March 273380Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)13-19
April 63325Kelowna (YLW)Vancouver (YVR)N/A
April 3703Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)N/A
April 153430Kelowna (YLW)Calgary (YYC)N/A
April 293158Fort McMurray (YMM)Calgary (YYC)4-10
April 293343Calgary (YYC)Kelowna (YLW)3-9
May 53387Calgary (YYC)Kelowna (YLW)2-8
April 33343Calgary (YYC)Kelowna (YLW)N/A
May 5653Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)12-19
May 30659Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)6-12
May 303370Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)4-10
June 3166 Vancouver (YVR)Edmonton (YEG)N/A
June 8441Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)16-22
June 113370Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)4-10
June 11130Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)5-11
June 13739Winnipeg (YWG)Calgary (YYC)10-16
June 16657Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)22-28
June 193945Port-au-Prince (PAP)Montreal (YUL)N/A
June 163457Ottawa (YOW)Toronto (YYZ)11-17
June 20653Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)N/A
June 243907San Salvador (SAL)Toronto (YYZ)12-15
June 26248Toronto (YYZ)Halifax (YHZ)16-21
June 27261Winnipeg (YWG)Calgary (YYC)7-22
July 2654Toronto (YYZ)Charlottetown (YYG)1-6
July 2526Calgary (YYC)Winnipeg (YWG)4-10
July 2460Kelowna (YLW)Calgary (YYC)N/A
July 23229Calgary (YYC)Edmonton (YEG)N/A
July 3669Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)N/A
July 5 348Kelowna (YLW)Edmonton (YEG)2-8
July 5186Vancouver (YVR)Edmonton (YEG)4-10
July 6296Calgary (YYC)Regina (YQR)N/A
July 61511Los Angeles (LAX)Calgary (YYC)17-23
July 6605Toronto (YYZ)Regina (YQR)4-10
July 6605Toronto (YYZ)Regina (YQR)4-10
July 9253Calgary (YYC)Kelowna (YLW)Seat 29
July 9253Calgary (YYC)YLW25-29
July 112581Cancun (CUN)Toronto (YYZ)24-30
July 12431Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)5-11
July 12254Toronto (YYZ)Halifax (YHZ)N/A
July 123123Toronto (YYZ)Thunder Bay (YQT)15-21
July 133312Kelowna (YLW)Edmonton (YEG)11-17
July 173122Thunder Bay (YQT)Toronto (YYZ)14-20
July 18720Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)16-22
July 22535Toronto (YYZ)Winnipeg (YWG)6-12
July 22676Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
July 263123Toronto (YYZ)Thunder Bay (YQT)N/A
July 26658Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)15-21
July 27186Vancouver (YVR)Edmonton (YEG)8-14
July 29538Victoria (YYJ)Calgary (YYC)5-11
July 293195Calgary (YYC)Grande Prairie (YQU)2-8
July 30186Vancouver (YVR)Edmonton (YEG)6-12
July 31506Saskatoon (YXE)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
July 311211LaGuardia (LGA)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
July 31368Toronto (YYZ)Ottawa (YOW)1-6
August 11591Atlanta (ATL)Calgary (YYC)N/A
August 2676Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
August 2440Edmonton (YEG)Toronto (YYZ)7-13
August 3720Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)4-10
August 3714Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)7-13
August 41591Atlanta (ATL)Calgary (YYC)6-10
August 5275Halifax (YHZ)Toronto (YYZ)9-15
August 61591Atlanta (ATL)Calgary (YYC)10-16
August 6431Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)14-20
August 6452Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)5-11
August 7592Toronto (YYZ)Montreal (YUL)N/A
August 7461Calgary (YYC)Kelowna (YLW)5-11
August 8248Toronto (YYC)Halifax (YHZ)11-15
August 8123Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)26-29
August 8 673Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)1-7
August 82851Cancun (CUN)Toronto (YYZ)1-4
August 9171Edmonton (YEG)Vancouver (YVR)23-29
August 9136Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)5-11
August 9452Calgary (YYC)Saskatoon (YXE)1-5
August 10141Edmonton (YEG)Vancouver (YVR)17-23
August 10720Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)24-30
August 11720Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)4-11
August 12164Vancouver (YVR)Edmonton (YEG)7-13
August 13706Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)22-28
August 143923Guyana (GEO)Toronto (YYZ)1-7
August 14532Calgary (YYC)Hamilton (YHM)1-7
August 14144Fort McMurray (YMM)Calgary (YYC)1-7
August 14196Victoria (YYJ)Calgary (YYC)10-16
August 143191Calgary (YYC)Grande Prairie (YQU)11-17
August 15428Edmonton (YEG)Toronto (YYZ)3-9
August 152581Cancun (CUN)Toronto (YYZ)1-7
August 15443Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)18-24
August 18452Saskatoon (YXE)Calgary (YYC)N/A
August 183387Calgary (YYC)Kelowna (YLW)N/A
August 183355Vancouver (YVR)Victoria (YYJ)8-14
August 21706Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
August 26232Calgary (YYC)Halifax (YHZ)21-27
August 24138Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)25-30
August 25670Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)24-30
August 26144Fort McMurray (YMM)Calgary (YYC)11-17
August 263100Fort St. John (YXJ)Calgary (YYC)13-19
August 223195Calgary (YYC)Grande Prairie (YQU)1-7
August 22673Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)6-12
August 22 2581Cancun (CUN)Calgary (YYC)6-12
August 24165Edmonton (YEG)Vancouver (YVR)3-9
August 243195Calgary (YYC)Grande Prairie (YQU)6-12
August 24653Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)9-15
August 26164Vancouver (YVR)Edmonton (YEG)19-25
August 311591Atlanta (ATL)Calgary (YYC)1-7
September 1256Calgary (YYC)Regina (YQR)2-8
September 1709Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)6-14
September 1579Montreal (YUL)Toronto (YYZ)7-13
September 1159Calgary (YYC)Fort McMurray (YMM)16-22
September 23188Grande Prairie (YQU)Calgary (YYC)4-10
September 5144Fort McMurray (YMM)Calgary (YYC)15-21
September 5662Calgary (YYC)Toronto (YYZ)23-29
September 5675Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)16-22
September 52581Cancun (CUN)Toronto (YYZ)8014
September 63266Saskatoon (YXE)Winnipeg (YWG)1-6
September 7232Calgary (YYC)Halifax (YHZ)4-10
September 7112Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)4-10
September 7439Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)9-15
September 73529Montreal (YUL)Toronto (YYZ)10-16
September 8440Edmonton (YEG)Toronto (YYZ)4-8
September 93473YOWToronto (YYZ)11-21
September 10138Vancouver (YVR)Calgary (YYC)7-13
September 11133Calgary (YYC)Vancouver (YVR)23-29
September 11009Paris (CDG)Calgary (YYC)28-34
September 123469Ottawa (YOW)Toronto (YYZ)6-12
September 12720Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)4-10
September 12711Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)7-13
September 122581Cancun (CUN)Toronto (YYZ)17-21
September 12665Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)16-22
September 13711Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)18-24
September 13709Toronto (YYZ)Vancouver (YVR)19-25
September 14605Toronto (YYZ)Regina (YQR)12-18
September 16439Toronto (YYZ)Edmonton (YEG)17-21
September 192601Kingston (KIN)Toronto (YYZ)5-11
September 193923Georgetown (GEO)Toronto (YYZ)1-6
September 17706Vancouver (YVR)Toronto (YYZ)N/A
September 173534Abbotsford (YYX)Montreal (YUL)N/A
September 18665Toronto (YYZ)Calgary (YYC)11-15

Where should I go to find out more information?

Public Health Agency of Canada:

Government Travel Advice and Advisories:

Government of Canada Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates:

World Health Organization:

IATA – Air transport communicable diseases: