No matter what, we root, root, root for the Blue Jays

October baseball is almost upon us, and regardless of where the Toronto Blue Jays™ – our favourite team – ends up, we felt it was important to let them know just how much WestJet supports “Canada’s team”.

We started with a simple casting call to any WestJetter possessing musical talent, from across the entire company, within Canada and abroad. As we like to refer to it: “WestJet’s Got Talent”. From there, we picked and then brought seven finalists together in Toronto to collaborate on the baseball classic, “Take me out to the ball game”. There were no vocal coaches, no directors, just teamwork, talent and patience. Each member of the team brought a different type of musical talent and vocal range to the table. They came together as one, in sync and tempo and showed off their pipes during a jam session where they belted out this cherished baseball anthem. And really, it was a much tougher task than one may think, but they all came across like seasoned veterans.

The ukulele, played by Kirsten Ivany, became the primary instrument on set as it led our rendition of the 7th inning stretch. Oddly enough, this talented WestJetter just recently learned how to play, and never would have guessed that her souvenir from an overnight in Hawaii would steal the show. Throw in a guitar, seven vocal ranges, five iconic Toronto locations and you have yourself a video.

We are obviously hoping for a long October, but at WestJet, no matter what happens, we will always be the biggest fans of the Blue Jays.

Go Jays Go!

And a much deserved shout out goes to the talented team below:
1. Sophia Triantafillou
2. Kirsten Ivany
3. Bobby Baker
4. Brendan Osborne
5. Courtney Rodd
6. Adam Steblin
7. Wilmari Myburgh