Here, Canada, is our new logo

We like to think of ourselves as being as Canadian as maple syrup, pond hockey and saying “sorry.” We’ve grown over the last 20 years, and in fact now have more destinations outside of Canada than we have inside the country. We’ve taken delivery of new aircraft and are counting down to the launch of new service to London, England. We’re weighing the idea of flying to more places in Europe, and destinations even further afield, so we wanted to update our look so we’d be instantly recognizable as Canadian.

Old logo vs new

Since 1965, Canada has been represented to the world by a single maple leaf. To this we added our corporate colours of blue and teal, which were chosen to represent green mountains, and the blue sky we fly through. We incorporated the delta symbol that has served us well since 1996, which represents the snowy caps of the majestic Canadian Rockies that tower above our home town of Calgary.

Our research shows that five times as many guests associate “Canada” with the new logo as they did the previous logo, and the sense of Canadian pride in the logo nearly doubled.

Logo changes are complex and costly undertakings. We know who pays our bills (that’s you!), and don’t want to add unnecessary costs to your fare, so we’re taking a slow and steady approach to the rollout of the new look. We’ll only repaint aircraft during the normal maintenance cycle, and to be kind to the environment we’ll deplete our existing stock of paper products and other materials before ordering new items. Similarly, airport signage will only be swapped out during the course of updates that happen every few years. In time, however, you’ll notice our blue and teal maple leaf in more and more places.

Toronto Blue Jays WestJet Flight Deck

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This WestJetter post was written by Darren Hailes, WestJet Emerging Media Advisor.