Mother’s Day: Journey to the LPGA – #LoveMom

Behind every devoted golfer, is a devoted mom. This statement resonates far beyond the golf course, and is often associated with a term that causes one to cringe: sacrifice. By definition, sacrifice means to “give up (something important or valued) for the sake of other considerations.” However, through a mother’s eyes, there is no such thing as sacrifice – it is all rooted in love.

As a child it is sometimes difficult to see this devotion, sacrifice, or even love our mother’s make. We can be blinded by our own goals and the exciting journey that lies ahead. We want so badly to succeed that we forget to reflect and thank the people that have helped us get where we are.

This April we were fortunate to witness the unconditional love between mother and daughter as we facilitated moments of thanks and recognition for the mothers of two Canadian golf icons: LPGA players Brooke Henderson and Lorie Kane.

Both women have been on an incredible journey to get where they are today. Brooke Henderson is an up-and-coming Canadian golf star, and Lorie Kane is an LPGA legend being inducted into the Golf Canada Hall of Fame this year. Their commitment to the game is inspiring. Even more inspiring is their mother’s support of the journeys they are on.

Behind every devoted golfer is a devoted mom, and this Mother’s Day WestJet and Canadian Pacific want to not only shed light on these two amazing golfers, but also remind everyone that behind every devoted chef, scientist, accountant, writer etc. there is a devoted mom.

We encourage you to follow Lorie and Brooke’s lead by saying thank you to your mom. Enter our #LoveMom Contest on Twitter or Facebook for a chance to win two tickets to the CP Women’s Open this August in Calgary (hint: take your mom).

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