WestJet rebrands as Canada Air – the #MostCanadian Canadian airline

We are proud to announce that effective immediately WestJet will be rebranded as Canada Air.

The people who make up our brand and airline represent many of the Canadian values we are known for globally. Kindness, a great sense of fun, warmth, a desire to do the right thing and an incredible sense of caring are what make Canadians Canadian and we believe it’s time for our name to reflect this reality. We are sorry we didn’t do it sooner.

After more than 20 years of operation as WestJet, our airline has grown from three aircraft serving five destinations in Western Canada to now serving 104 destinations in 21 countries, bringing our uniquely Canadian guest experience to more than 21 million guests each year.

With the warm and caring guest experience delivered by our more than 12,000 WestJetters, or should we say ‘Canada Airers’, we do see ourselves as the most Canadian Canadian airline.

Repainting of aircraft and installation of new signage for all airports will begin April 1, 2017. To celebrate this important milestone in our history, we’ve created a video. We hope you enjoy it.