Mission accomplished

Way back at 1 a.m., we were just getting warmed up. WestJet’s command centre in Calgary, Canada was buzzing as we started logging “mini miracles” –- aka random acts of kindness –- from sweeping snow off of cars to giving away pre-paid trips. Wow, what a difference 23 hours makes.

Thanks to the extreme generosity and caring ways of WestJetters in blue Santa hats and friends across our network and beyond, we are proud to tell you that we finish this incredibly heart-warming and humbling day with 31,793 mini miracles! And we’re still counting. We’ll give you a few moments to let that astronomical number sink in.

Whether you’re a WestJetter, a community partner, a frequent traveller or a new friend, give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate with high fives all around. You all truly came together in a way that completely shattered all expectations. Talk about spreading peace, joy and Christmas cheer!

And hey, you know who else has been busy? Why, Blue Santa, of course. While there were no chimneys for him to slide down, there were hundreds of open arms to welcome him wherever he went. Now the jolly old elf is on his way to ho-ho-Hawaii for a very well-deserved break. Thanks, Blue Santa!

From many places across the globe, your mini miracles far exceeded our target of 12,000. We invite you to tune in next week as we release our annual WestJet Christmas video so you can see how this memorable day played out.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight!