Mexico City

Mexico City offers more (más) of everything, and it’s where past, present and future coexist. A city many have compared to popular European destinations, but much easier on your wallet. Rich in history and things to do, you’ll find yourself wanting to see more. So if you’re looking for more museums, more dining and more shopping, then you’re in luck. Mexico City has all of these things and more, including a population of over 30 million people who can’t wait to welcome you.

Más museums

It’s tough to walk around this majestic city without finding a museum (sometimes two) on every block. This metropolis is home to over 150 museums catering to almost any taste. Talk about a lot of framed and roped off pieces. The sheer number of museums is another reason why this Aztec city is so great. And, with way too many to list, we’ll just mention some of the well-known ones, and some a bit off the beaten path of what you’d expect. Here you go:

  • National Museum of Anthropology
  • National Art Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Frida Kahlo House Museum
  • Mexican Antique Museum (Museo del Juguete Antiguo Mexico)
  • Templo Mayor Museum
  • Museo Mural Diego Rivera
Mexican street food of vegetable and meat filled tostados and corn tortillas .

Mexican street food

Más places to eat

Bring your taste buds to an entirely new level of delight. It’s easy to do in Mexico City, thanks to the approximately 15,000 restaurants. From fast food to fine dining, and everything in between, there’s no shortage of authentic Mexican cuisine. Here’s a sampling of some popular spots to check out:

  • Bósforo
  • K-Guamo
  • Café Villarías
  • Tacos Cocuyos
  • Pujol Restaurant
  • La Mascota
  • Merced Market
  • Baltra Bar

Más shopping

If the idea of shopping until you drop is what you’re after, or even if you’re more to browse, here are some of the top spots – from high-end to the everyday – to check out as you explore Mexico City:

  • Centro Commercial Santa Fe
  • Antara Fashion Hall
  • Galerias Insurgentes
  • Oasis Coyoacan
  • Mercado Sonora
  • The Shops at Downtown
  • Garden Santa Fe
This are Mexican traditional skulls they are made of​ clay, they are made by natives and are traditional decoration for homes, specially for the day of the dead but lately they are just decorations for every house, even tourists buy them

Traditional Mexican skulls

Más experiences

There’s no shortage of Mexico City sightseeing tours, but there are also a vast number of adventures to experience outside the city.  From pyramids to volcano hiking and from nearby cities rich in history to the second largest caves in the world, here are some popular day trips you should check out:

  • Teotihuacan Pyramids
  • Izztaccihuatl Volcano Hiking Tour
  • Puebla and Cholula city tours
  • Cacahuamilpa Caves

There you have it. Merely a fraction of the exciting things you can see, do and experience, that will leave you saying what you really want is: Más Mexico City.

Four weekly, non-stop flights from Calgary to Mexico City start March 14, 2018. And, three weekly non-stop flights from Vancouver to Mexico City start March 15, 2018.