Sometimes the best option is to run. So let’s run together.

For many people, there’s one word that comes with its own particularly scary fright: cancer. Say it out loud, and a hush falls over the room. It’s one of the truest and cruelest of clichés: we all know someone who’s had cancer, died from cancer, or lost someone to cancer. It just seems to be one of life’s certainties. The internet agrees: type “if you live long enough, you’ll get” into your Google search bar. Spoiler alert: it will autofill with “cancer”.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation works to turn the cliché around. Through support and advocacy, funding relevant and innovative research, and working to empower those affected, they work tirelessly to create a future without breast cancer. Thus the turn: because of CBCF, and the efforts of dedicated doctors and researchers, more of us know someone who has survived breast cancer, and continued to live a rich, rewarding life.

As an airline, we travel millions of miles every year. But on October 2, we’ll be logging perhaps our most important miles – on foot. That’s because on Sunday, October 2, we’ll be running with thousands of other Changemakers for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure.


Since it started in 1992, the Run for the Cure has raised millions of dollars. It’s become Canada’s most important single day event in raising funds and awareness for breast cancer; and just as importantly the Run has become a day of inspiration, community and support for women, families and friends to share hope in the face of what is still the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Canadian women.

You can find out more about the Run here. You can also register there, as well. With 63 runs planned across the country, odds are good there’s one near you. If not, consider supporting someone who is participating – there are lots of other ways to get involved and help to make change happen. You can also follow along as WestJetters share their run experience on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

WestJet is proud to be the Official Airline Partner of CBCF and a National Sponsor of the run. And as WestJetters, when it comes to supporting the causes we believe in, we tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves, so to speak. So, this October, look for some interesting additions to the WestJet uniform (hint: it turns out pink really does go with teal!). We hope to see you in the air soon – and also at the Run for the Cure!