Join the world’s largest online search party for missing children

Through our WestJet Cares for Kids program we have been supporting The Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) since 2007. MCSC’s mission is to to reunite missing children with their searching families through professional investigations, public awareness and family support programs. As a partner, WestJet provides MCSC with gift-of-flight vouchers that are used for business travel, fundraising and most importantly, flights to travel to the frontline of investigations.

To further our commitment to MCSC, we are encouraging WestJetters to become field agents. MCSC has created an app called CodeSearch for employees of MCSC partners. The app allows MCSC the ability, with the help of local law enforcement, to send out geo-targeted alerts to individuals in the area where a child has gone missing or is expected to be located. Along with notifications, CodeSearch participants can also provide local expertise and resources. One of the first places an abductor will often go to is the airport. Because of this we believe that WestJetters across the Canada are a valuable resource to MCSC and law enforcement.

If your company or organization is not a partner of MCSC, there is another way you can get involved in the search for a missing child. As a social media user, you have the power to put an end to child abduction with MCSC World’s Most Valuable Project. With this new application, Twitter and Facebook users can donate their personal news feeds, allowing MCSC to notify friends and followers when a child goes missing in their area. This invaluable system ensures timely and accurate information is being broadcast directly to users’ friends and followers. Here is a video explaining how it works:

Not sure about the commitment? No problem! Users can choose to link their social networks for a day, a month or indefinitely and your settings can be changed at any time. This system is only reserved for the most critical situations. On average, users can expect only a few alerts in their region each year. Ready to donate? Go to to help us bring missing children home. For more information on how your organization can become a CodeSearch partner, please email