Introducing the WestJet #MagicPlane

We are thrilled to share our newest custom-painted aircraft with everyone today. We call it the “Magic Plane” and it features Mickey Mouse in his most famous role, Sorcerer Mickey.

Teams from WestJet, WestJet Vacations and Disney Parks & Resorts (Canada) collaborated to design the  aircraft, which is known in the social media world as the #MagicPlane.

External design features

The special livery is designed to tell a story from tail to nose. It starts with Sorcerer Mickey, prominent on the aircraft’s tail, with magic stars coming from his hands. The magic stars swirl around the fuselage and past the wings, culminating with fireworks over the Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World.

Similar to what we’ve consistently done throughout our nearly decade-long relationship with Disney, The Magic Plane’s design is intended to lead the viewer to Walt Disney World with us.

Internal design
WestJet Magic Plane antimacassars
In addition to the magic on the plane’s exterior, there is a bit of magic on the inside of this aircraft too.  Regardless of which route they are flying, guests on the Magic Plane will receive cookies in the shape of Disney characters.

We’ve also installed custom antimacassars on the seats. Wait… did we just use “antimacassar” in a blog post?!  That’s worth 16 points. Score!

For those not in the inner circle of the aviation geek community, antimacassars may also be referred to as “headrest covers” on an aircraft. Macassar oil was commonly used as a hair product in the 19th century, and became so popular that many people began installing antimacassars on their furniture to keep it from being damaged.

The antimacassars on the Magic Plane have stars on them, and will add to the in-flight ambiance inside the cabin.
Fun facts about the Magic Plane

Magic Plane Cinderella Castle

  • The two sides of the aircraft are mirror images of each other in all aspects but one. We’ll leave it to our guests to determine what that is!
  • There are a total of 36 different paint colours on the aircraft.
  • It took a team of 26 people 24 days working around the clock to paint the Magic Plane.
  • The painting crew consumed more than 150 doughnuts over the 24 days.
  • The painting crew consisted of people from four countries, five states, two provinces and 12 cities.
  • The cookies that will be served on board are a special treat in the shape of Disney characters.
  • Over the next five years, the Magic Plane will fly more than 400,000 guests a total of nearly eight million kilometres.

If you spot the Magic Plane, be sure to post a photo on our Facebook page, or Tweet it to us with the #MagicPlane hashtag. It will be operating flights throughout our network – not just exclusively to/from Orlando – so you have a chance to see it in more than 80 cities.