Introducing the WestJet iPhone app

We’ve been aware that there was an app-etite for a WestJet iPhone app for some time. One of the most frequent questions we get on social media (aside from “When is your next seat sale?”) has been, “When will WestJet get an iPhone app?” The answer is now, and our engaged social media guests can go back to guessing where our next new destination will be.

Joking aside, feedback from our guests has driven our iPhone app development and shaped the features that we have included. It just seemed to make sense to include guest input for our app since you will be the ones using it.

So download the free WestJet iPhone app on the Apple App Store now and let us know what you think.

These are the features we’ve included in version 1.0 of the WestJet iPhone app.
WestJet iPhone app features
Book and view trips
You asked for it. We added it. Book your next flight with the app and add previously-booked trips to your home view. Keep a list of all the great places you’ve been and view a real-time countdown for your next getaway.

Check in, with Passbook
Be the first to check in for your flight, without waiting in line. You can email yourself a Passbook boarding pass or add your boarding pass directly to Passbook from your iPhone app.

Flight status
Whether you’re heading to the arrivals lane or departures drop off, our flight status tool can help you plan your trip ahead. Real-time updates let you know if a flight is running early, delayed or is cancelled. The app will remember your recent searches and you can add individual flight status searches to your app home screen to make accessing that information as quick as possible.

Destination images, travel information and social media connections have all been added to the app to create a great guest experience.

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Don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch? No problem. We’ve got an app for Android as well as an updated mobile website for almost everyone else.  You’re on your own if you still have a rotary phone or pager!