Introducing the WestJet Fanwagon

It’s a cool spring Sunday morning  in Toronto, but the WestJet Fanwagon is already warmed up to launch its first season.

The Fanwagon is picking up Toronto Blue Jays™ fans all over the city on this, the final game of home opener weekend against Boston. The Blue Jays are primed to avenge back-to-back losses over their division rivals. Fans are pumped for fun. And, the Fanwagon is there to make it happen.

If selected, fans can catch the taste of the in-flight experience on their way to Rogers Centre in the Fanwagon, and watch the game from the WestJet Flight Deck.

A bunch of very excited Blue Jays fans decked out in blue and white are the first to hop on board. But no one is more excited than two-and-half-year-old Hunter Hubley who is about to take in his first Blue Jays game. His parents are ecstatic; they couldn’t have planned a better introduction to Major League Baseball.

“We were completely shocked!,” says his mother, Allyson Hubley, “What a great way to spend Hunter’s first game.” We also had a birthday girl aboard the Fanwagon who rode to Rogers Centre in style.

“It was the best birthday present I could ask for,” says Jess Berger. And to top it all off, we were lucky enough to pick up Canadian home renovation TV star, Kate Campbell.

“I think the WestJet Fanwagon is such an awesome idea,” she says. “The fact that fans get surprised like this and then get to watch the game from the WestJet Flight Deck is a really cool idea!”

Even hours before the first pitch, fans in downtown Toronto are buzzing with Blue Jays fever. Kids walk by loudly chanting, “Go Jays Go!” The excitement on their faces is pretty much all their parents can ask for. Well that, and a Blue Jays victory, which the team secured with a shut out.

The WestJet Fanwagon is in its inaugural season to help the Blue Jays celebrate their 40th season. You too could be a part of this experience. Simply follow our social channels for clues about where the WestJet Fanwagon will be getting ready for takeoff. And hey, be sure to share what you think by tagging your post with #WestJetFanwagon. We can’t wait until we can cheer on the Blue Jays again with you. Also, you can read what other fans are saying about the WestJet Fanwagon.

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