Introducing Juliet, our new chatbot assistant

Last month we celebrated WestJet’s tenth year on social media and took a moment to look back on how different the world of social media is now compared to 2008.

While some of the more “social” elements of social media remain the same (information sharing, finding answers, chatting with new people and encountering the occasional troll) much of the technology that powers social media has changed dramatically. But despite that, we’ve always had the same fundamental philosophy towards social media.

Our approach to social media has always been straightforward and simple – provide value to our guests by sharing interesting and relevant content while providing support before, during and after our guests’ trips. We understand the importance of being available to answer questions and provide support, which is why it continues to be a priority for us.

A couple years ago, we created a dedicated team to monitor our social media feeds and respond to our guests on Facebook and Twitter. Our Social Care team was the first in Canada to provide 24/7/365 service and is one of the reasons why we’ve been recognized as a social media leader in the airline industry worldwide.

But everyone can use a helping hand, so this year we’re adding a new name to our team – Juliet.

Couple on couch looking at mobile phone

Juliet, your digital travel assistant

We’ve just launched our first conversational artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot on Facebook Messenger, boosting our Social Care team’s round-the-clock presence and capabilities. Named after our first aircraft, you can think of Juliet as your personal digital travel assistant. But she is a bit of a trailblazer, too.

Juliet is just getting started, but she can already do quite a lot. She’s only going to become more capable as time goes on because she’s designed to accumulate knowledge based on conversations she has with our guests. The more interactions she has, the more she learns. She is, quite literally, learning all the time.

An airline chatbot that provides travel inspiration

If the rich media that she displays in her chats isn’t enticing enough, through natural conversation, Juliet is able to provide travel inspiration and recommend destinations based on your interests and vacation style. Juliet can help you explore destinations and when you’re ready to book, simply tap the “Book Now” button to start the booking process.

Juliet provides instant support

Juliet never sleeps, so she is always ready to provide instant support and quick answers on many topics, ranging from baggage guidelines, to flight status, to travelling with pets. Ask Juliet a question—just as you would a person on the phone or via social media—and you’ll receive an immediate response.

Our Social Care team is ready to assist

We expect that Juliet may need a little help along the way. That’s to be expected from a brand new chatbot, who is still learning the ins and outs of airline social media conversations. That’s why our 24/7 Social Care team is on hand to pick up the conversation should Juliet not quite understand what you’re asking, or if she simply doesn’t know the answer yet.

If you’re ready to meet Juliet, visit WestJet on Messenger and click “Get Started”.