Here we grow again – WestJet’s new destinations for summer 2013

This summer, WestJet welcomes four new destinations to our network, including two served by WestJet Encore. To help you decide which one you’ll visit first, we’ve put together a few interesting points about each of them.

Fort St. John

  • Since 1794, Fort St. John has undergone five location changes to adapt to the needs of their growing community.
  • Fort St. John is one of the largest cities along the Alaska Highway.
  • It’s considered to be British Columbia’s oil and gas capital.
  • The High on Ice Winter Carnival in Fort St. John is BC’s largest winter ice festival.


  • In recent years, Nanaimo has tied with Victoria as Canada’s most comfortable weather city according to Environment Canada.
  • Bathtub racing originated in Nanaimo. This international sport uses a bathtub boat and was conceived to showcase Nanaimo to the world in 1967.
  • Legend has it that Nanaimo bars came to fame when families in England would send the dessert bars in care packages to their relatives working in the coal mines of Nanaimo.
  • The Nanaimo Concert Band, established in 1872, is known as the oldest continuous community band in Canada.

Myrtle Beach

  • The Grand Strand refers to a large stretch of beaches on the East Coast of the U.S. Myrtle Beach is the primary city on the Grand Strand and attracts more than 10 million visitors each season.
  • Myrtle Beach has been named the miniature golf capital of the world.
  • There’s a granite Canadian maple leaf monument in front of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. It was presented to the people of Canada for the 1980 rescue of six U.S. diplomats in Iran.
  • Each March since 1961, Myrtle Beach has hosted Canadian-American Days, also known as Can-Am Days. The festival welcomes the spring and celebrates the relationship between the U.S. and Canada.


  • The Dallas area is home to more than 25 Fortune 500 headquarters, trailing only New York City and Houston.
  • The Dallas public library permanently displays one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence and the First Folio of William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories & Tragedies.
  • Built in 1931, Highland Park Village was the first planned shopping center in the U.S.
  • The Who Shot J.R.? episode of the TV show Dallas was the highest-rated single episode of a television series until the finale of M*A*S*H beat it in 1983.

Tell us below which new destination you’re most excited about.