The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa Jamaica

A simply grand time. Doesn’t that sound like something your grandmother might say? Well, okay – it’s actually something our grandmother used to say, and we’re pretty sure she would have said it about a vacation at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa. When they say Grand Palladium, they mean grand. In every sense of the word. We’ll throw in a disclaimer here: we’re not suggesting that this is exclusively a resort for grandmothers. One of Jamaica’s largest resorts, The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton is massive, with every element rendered in impressively grand scale, and with big possibilities included for just about every kind of vacationer.

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton One Bedroom Suite

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton One Bedroom Suite

Located on a pristine stretch of white sand on Jamaica’s north coast, the resort cuts an impressive figure. Splendid white columns rise above the beachfront, forming an elegant complement to the soft white sands and crystal blue waters. Inside, from the suites – junior suites, suites, and Honeymoon villa suites – through 13 bars and ten restaurants, this casual, relaxing elegance continues in an always welcoming fashion. It seems like every moment here is blessed with eye-catching scenery and intriguing architecture, all in perfect harmony.

Grand Palladium Jamaica Complex - Infinity Saloon Bar

Infinity Saloon Bar

A vacation at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa  is all-inclusive with the perfect balance of quality and variety. An exceptional variety of exquisite dining options beckon at every meal, while premium selections await when it’s time to sit down for a drink. When it comes to recreation and entertainment, there’s never a dull moment, with plenty of options within the resort. First-class sports facilities, activities at the pool or the beach and water sports such as paddle surfing, kayaking, snorkelling and deep-sea fishing are all available. After the sun sets, shows, live music and the Boogie Woogie night club await. There’s also the Mini Club, with crafts, games, a play park, and lots of fun activities for the kids, day and night. Just minutes outside the resort, there’s championship golf, and of course, a whole lot of Jamaica.

Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa infinity pool

Infinity pool

Every great vacation seems to have that perfect spot – you know, where you find yourself thinking “I’m so glad I took this vacation, and I could stay here, like this, just about forever”. We’ll admit it, for us that’s usually relaxing by the pool. At the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton, the infinity pool seems to blend perfectly into the blue richness of the Caribbean Sea, stretching off to the horizon. Like so many things here, it reaches out to say “this is that perfect spot”. Just steps away from the infinity pool, another piece of perfection––the open-air terrace is ideal for taking it all in with your morning coffee. Relax with the view of the pool and the sea beyond, and then return in the evening to enjoy the Caribbean sunset, and the promise of yet another amazing Caribbean night. Day or night, it’s one of many perfect spots for a simply grand time.