How to get a job with WestJet

During today’s #WorkopolisChats Twitter chat, it became evident that many people have questions on how to land a job with WestJet in one of our front line roles. This includes jobs as a flight attendant, customer service agent/guest service ambassador, TAC agent, air supply agent or contact centre agent. Since 140 characters isn’t enough room to fit all these details, we decided to share more info via this blog post.

First, it’s important to understand the hiring process at WestJet.  Here’s a step-by-step list of what will happen any time we post a job:

1)      Job is posted on our Great Jobs site
2)      (Optional) applicant receives email notification if they have signed up for a job alert
3)      Applicant submits application for job posting
4)      WestJet recruiter screens resumes
5)      WestJet recruiter arranges a phone interview
6)      WestJet recruiter arranges an in-person interview and/or group interview
7)      WestJet recruiter checks references
8)      WestJet recruiter offers job to successful candidate
9)      Successful candidate becomes the newest WestJet Owner

Since we do see a lot of interest anytime we post a front line job (sometimes we receive 1000+ resumes for a handful of jobs), we only accept resumes through our Great Jobs site. In order to be considered for any WestJet job, you must submit your resume online, so don’t miss this important step!

Second, once a job is posted, our recruiters will scan through all applications to create a short-list of potential candidates. We look at your cover letter as well as your past job experience and your skills to ensure you meet the minimum requirements of the job. There’s no golden rule about what else to include, so do your best to highlight what you’ve done in the past, as well as what sets you apart from other candidates.

Here are a few tips that could help your application get noticed (or at least not excluded in the first round):

  • When you cut and paste (and/or attach) your resume into the application form, ensure you list all relevant work experience, including dates of employment
  • Please include all current and relevant contact information including phone numbers and email addresses
  • Have a friend proofread your resume and cover letter before you submit to eliminate any spelling and grammatical errors

Here are a couple things that could hinder your ability to get a job:

  • Having spelling or grammatical errors on your application
  • Not including relevant job experience
  • Having a very lengthy resume that goes into too much detail
  • Not listing skills you have that others might not. For example, languages, if you’re able to relocate, etc.

The amount of interest in WestJet jobs means that we cannot always get back to every candidate who applies, nor can our recruiters answer specific questions relating to a job posting before someone applies.  Our Recruiting team will, however, be happy to answer any questions you may have if you do receive a phone or in-person interview.

Once you have entered our Great Jobs site and submitted your application, there is no need to resubmit an application in the future for the same job.  Just keep your application up-to-date and you’ll automatically be included in the candidate pool. To apply for a different role, please apply to that particular posting when you see it on our site.

WestJet is a great place to work, and we thank you for your interest in joining the team.