Scam Alert – Facebook ticket scam

A Facebook-based ticket scam using WestJet’s name has recently surfaced. The scam uses Facebook to spread a fake contest page that indicates someone can win two free tickets by taking an online survey. Spoiler alert – it’s a scam, and everyone wins! Surprise!

Here’s what the post on Facebook looks like.

Ticket scam Facebook share post
Note that the page link (indicated at the bottom of the image) may not always be the same as the scammers have changed it numerous times. The image may also change from time to time.

If you see this post (or anything similar) from one of your friends, please leave a comment on their post indicating that it is a scam, link to this blog post and ask them to delete the post. Here’s a copy-paste version you can use:

Unfortunately this is a scam. See WestJet’s blog post about it: Please also delete this post so nobody else falls for it.  

If you do happen to click the link, you’ll see a fake survey that looks something like this.

Ticket scam survey page 1
We take our writing pretty seriously here at WestJet, so the poor grammar on the survey page should tip you off to the fact that it’s not real. We’re also pretty sure no one has called a flight attendant an “air hostess” since the Wright brothers. The final page of the survey, which requires you to share a post to your own Facebook wall and send a private message to 15 friends should also raise some red flags.

Ticket scam survey page 4

We aren’t sure what the scammers end game is with this particular scam, but we do know that whatever it is, it can’t be good. Online scams are not uncommon, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has a section dedicated to them. We’ve reached out to the authorities, the host companies of these websites as well as our friends at Facebook. Our legal team is all over this.

We appreciate your help to stop this scam in its tracks by letting your friends know that it is, indeed, false.