WestJet Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving

We’re back!

On December 8, 2013, we shared our WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving video with you. Low and behold, you (all 36 million of you!) chose to give back with your time, your social channels and your own spirit of giving. This helped inspire us for this year’s piece, which we hope you enjoy as much as last year.

On December 9, 2013 we began brainstorming to answer the most popular question we received from last year’s video: “What are you going to do next year?” This was no small task and one thing we reminded ourselves of was stay true to our vision and ensure that we plan for the effect, and not the results. We wanted to be sure we showcased our caring WestJet culture (we often refer to “CARE” as “Create a Remarkable Experience”).

We got the old gang, including our friends at studio m, back together and hit the drawing board. Something that stood out to us (hat-tip to Jessica, Christina and Kaitie), was the impact socks and underwear guy had on everyone. There were a lot of comments on YouTube and across our social media networks about him and it seemed as though every media outlet on the continent wanted an interview with him.

But what if socks and underwear were more of a need, than a want? What if “socks and underwear” was a gift that was more than just an Internet meme which dominated last years holiday season. What could we do to give back, and not just to give back, but to do so with purpose?

Enter our Community Investment team and their roots with our partners at Live Different. What a perfect opportunity to bring both worlds together and showcase the true spirit of giving, while also providing a little taste of our own Canadian Christmas traditions! Have you ever seen it snow in the Dominican? Neither had we.

Here’s a video that provides a bit more background on why we chose to film this year’s Christmas Miracle video in the community of Nuevo Renacer, near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

From, 10,000 WestJetters, we say thank you, Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy this video as much as you did last year.