Where would we be without Boeing?

Boeing. Where would we be without you? That’s the question we ask ourselves in our latest video. Where indeed if, 100 years ago William Boeing had not embarked on an adventure that has brought the world closer together through the commercial application of manned flight.

Boeing’s 737 is the best-selling commercial aircraft in aviation history. So successful is the 737 in fact, that two of them depart or land across the globe, every five seconds.

For Canadians, WestJet started in 1996 with three used Boeing 737-200s flying to five destinations in Canada. Today, we have 113 Boeing 737 Next Generation and four Boeing 767-300ER aircraft and orders for 65 Boeing 737 MAX which will begin arriving in mid-2017. The 737 MAX represents the latest version of the storied 737 that will take us well into the future.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention the people at Boeing. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with their teams, building a partnership that has allowed WestJet to become a Canadian success story.

So, 100 years after William Boeing incorporated what would become the Boeing Company, we offer our congratulations, our admiration, our excitement for what the future holds and, our thanks. Where would we be without you?