Caring for WestJet’s ‘Moo’vie stars behind the scenes

Care is in WestJet’s DNA and since our inception in 1996 we have always been committed to providing a caring guest experience. The filming of our latest advertising campaign was no different and we wanted to showcase how we took our care and focused it on the stars of our commercial, the cattle we cast.

Since filming took place Spain, one of our newest destinations, all of the ‘moo’vie stars used in filming were authentic Spaniards. During filming, we made cow safety the top priority and each cow was accompanied by a professional animal handler across traction flooring who ensured they were treated with the utmost care. In order to provide the most comfortable and stress-free atmosphere for our stars, the cows were only filmed in pairs of two or more and were kept in a comfortable paddock with fresh water and food while on break from set.

Despite it appearing that there were hundreds of cows used in filming, only 10 cows were cast to capture 360-degree close-ups. In post-production, the creative team developed CGI (computer-generated imagery) cows from the close-ups captured that were multiplied throughout the commercial.

WestJet is proud to be a member of the global community who have a love and appreciation for animals, along with respect for cultural beliefs and we hope this behind-the-scenes footage showcases how much we cared for the cows cast in our latest campaign.