Caribbean vacations for foodies

Have you ever eaten a meal where every bite and every taste was made even more amazing by the surroundings? A great setting can make a great meal unforgettable. Our Caribbean destinations feature culinary delights from street snacks and finger foods to fine dining and gourmet festivals. The mix of influences and the warmth of Caribbean culture combine to create a true food lovers paradise, enhanced by the hospitality that defines so much of island living. In the tropical air of the Caribbean, these fusions of flavour come to life to create incredible sensations – and delicious memories.

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All of our Caribbean destinations feature incredible dining opportunities. Food lovers usually want to dig a bit deeper, however. Often you can get a real glimpse into authentic local culture through the native foods and informal settings. Tru Bahamian’s Bites of Nassau Food Tour is just that kind of opportunity: it’s a walking tour specifically designed to take you off the beaten path, and help you indulge your love of exotic and flavourful cuisine. Knowledgeable and passionate tour guides take small groups on a specially curated tour through Old Nassau, where you’ll savour local delicacies as well as a more intimate look at Bahamian culture. It’s a great way to make friends with local chefs, artisans and fellow food lovers. And it’s a great way to “set the table” for the rest of your trip.

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Puerto Rico
There are a great variety of restaurants in San Juan, many with distinct American and international influences. However, to fully embrace the Puerto Rican food experience, you’ll want to enjoy Cocina criolla, the authentic Puerto Rican cooking style. It literally translates as “creole cooking”, and celebrates both the Spanish and Caribbean heritage of the island. On the plate, it translates to “delicious” – comfort food in every sense of the term. A journey into Old San Juan will reward you with fantastic dining opportunities at every turn, with a trip to La Casita Blanca – in Santurce, just south of the old city – a must for those seeking a true Puerto Rican dining experience that’s truly amazing.

Saint Lucia
WestJet Vacations Caribbean foodie vacation St Lucia
The rich, fertile soil of Saint Lucia provides a wealth of local produce, matched by the bounty of fresh local seafood. They come together beautifully in traditional dishes as well as the eclectic offerings of the island’s many fine restaurants. Saint Lucia cuisine is a fusion of this abundance of flavours with the many cultural influences that have shaped the island’s history. Saint Lucia’s Culinary Ambassador Chef Nina Compton, first runner-up and fan favourite in the most recent “Top Chef New Orleans” series, encourages foodies and visitors to enjoy the island’s indigenous ingredients. Most notably, the beloved cacao bean, which is used by chefs throughout the island in both savory and sweet dishes. Friday night fish fries such as those at Gros Islet and Anse la Rey are lively celebrations and a great way for tourists and locals alike to kick off the weekend. Spice of India and Jacques Waterfront Dining in Rodney Bay each offer their own unique take on Saint Lucia culture and cuisine. Each is regarded as a must-visit for food lovers when in Saint Lucia.

St. Martin
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The people of St. Martin certainly enjoy their reputation as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Whether they’re cooking up ribs (it seems everyone here has their own amazing recipe), local delicacies like codfish fritters, or grilling fresh seafood on the barbecue, everything is seasoned and served with a definite sense of joie de vivre. The lolos, found in open-air markets around the island, are a must-visit, where you’ll find delicious and inexpensive fare, like traditional Johnny Cakes and “crab backs”. There are also many outstanding fine dining opportunities in St. Martin, where the international character of the island creates unique experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Indeed, when you’re enjoying a great meal on “the Friendly Island”, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.