Cancun, Riviera Maya and Cozumel

Cancun certainly has a well-founded reputation as a party mecca. Yes, it’s legendary for being the place to get your party on – but it’s also a warm, hospitable destination that beckons with entertainment, pleasure and even intrigue for all sorts of travellers. The friendly atmosphere makes it seem like Cancun throws a party morning, noon and night, and everyone’s invited. You can spend days on the beach, but there’s also shopping, amazing restaurants, tours, golf and of course the incredible nightlife. There really is so much to do and see here, it’s no wonder we keep coming back.
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There just isn’t one word that can totally describe Cancun – yes, it’s magical, friendly and it’s amazing. Perhaps the best description is just to mention “Cancun”, and let it evoke the many senses and impressions of the great times to be had here. And speaking of time, don’t forget that the state of Quintana Roo recently decided to switch time zones – yes, apparently you can do that – which means that your Cancun days will be just a bit longer. We’ve got a few ideas about how to enjoy an extra hour in Cancun.
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Of course, a classic recipe for a great time in Mexico: just add water. Yes, the beach life in Cancun is amazing, while Riviera Maya is world famous for its beaches, and its abundance of opportunities for fun and adventure. There are so many ways to have fun on and in the water here: you can sail, go snorkelling or scuba diving, or enjoy a day sport fishing. And there’s always the relaxing dip while you spend the day at the beach. The Riviera Maya coastline is amazing for its variety, and the sheer beauty of it has to be experienced and explored to be believed. Just offshore is the world’s second largest barrier reef, which offers many chances to see and possibly interact with an incredible array of aquatic life.
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When you want to step away from the beach, there’s still plenty to do. Towering Mayan temples await, and of course, the jungle rewards those of us with a little thirst for adventure. Grab a tour to take you off the beaten path – you’ll find like we did that it’s a great way to spend the day and experience the rich local culture. Just remember: they’re not kidding about the crocodiles!
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The Fiesta San Miguel offers a party with a more traditional atmosphere. It’s a big draw in Cozumel, undoubtedly one of the world’s foremost vacation meccas. On this picturesque and relaxed island in the Caribbean Sea, Fiesta San Miguel honours Cozumel’s patron saint, and provides a week-long celebration of island culture from morning through midnight, with feasts, markets, craft fairs and dancing.

Cozumel offers a bit more of a laid-back vibe than both Cancun and Riviera Maya. There are many opportunities to mingle with the locals and embrace the true expressions of local culture. As an island, it’s also a true haven for divers, and Cozumel’s many reefs provide some of the world’s most spectacular diving. Snorkellers and scuba divers of all skill levels will be rewarded with unforgettable experiences, sure to bring you back to the water – and Cozumel – again and again.

We’ll wrap up this time by saying that while we’ve tried – as always – to convey a broad picture of the experiences available in Cancun, Riviera Maya and Cozumel; the great thing about travel is that everyone tends to see it through their own personal lens. And, as we said above, places like Cancun really do invite everyone to the party. So, we’re confident you’ll be able to find and enjoy the activities and adventures that will help you define and indulge your own experience in Mexico. We hope to see you there soon!