Cabo. A few dos and don’ts.

Thinking about a Los Cabos vacation? Love the idea, but not quite sure if Cabo is right for you? Never fear. We’re here to help you out with a few dos and don’ts. Consider it a handy little starter kit to kick-start your great time in Cabo. Cabo, of course, refers to the picturesque stretch of land at the end of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo. The area is famous for its all-inclusive resorts, outstanding scenery and nightlife that goes all night.

Don’t miss the boat: grab a boat ride to visit El Arco, the golden arch which is also known as Land’s End. Yes, it’s a “touristy” thing to do. It’s also pretty darn awesome.

Don’t go looking for peace and quiet. Okay, there are a few spots around Cabo where you might find a bit of quiet time – at certain times of the day, like, maybe 6am. But just as you don’t go to Vegas for spiritual fulfillment, you don’t go to Cabo San Lucas for the serenity. It’s a party – lighten up. So with that in mind…

Cabo marina at night

Nightscape of Cabo San Lucas Marina – Wei Fang

Don’t pass up a chance to kick out the jams at Cabo Wabo. Okay, so maybe you’re more a David Lee Roth fan? That’s okay. One thing you can’t deny is that Sammy Hagar knows how to have a good time. And Cabo Wabo – Sammy Hagar’s world-renowned cantina in Cabo San Lucas ­– is “where the land ends and the party begins”. With live music, great food, and drinks that flow easily, Cabo Wabo is a place where every day is an invitation to celebrate all that makes you happy.

Don’t forget your golf clubs. Yes, we’re aware that golf might not be your first thought when it comes to Cabo. Cabo San Lucas is known as a party town, and golf is not really a party as much as it is a bizarre ritual that nobody can really seem to prove is actually a sport. But whether you’re a serious golfer or someone who just likes golf “fashion”, Cabo offers some terrific golf courses. From the Robert Trent Jones Jr. design of Cabo Real, to the Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman composite design of Puerto Los Cabos, golf in Los Cabos can be challenging and rewarding, with exquisite views of the Sea of Cortez all along the way. Golf in Los Cabos is definitely a unique experience. And with that in mind…

The bandstand in San José del Cabo

The bandstand in San José del Cabo – Sergio Mendoza Hochmann

Don’t be afraid to do Cabo a little differently. As we’ve already mentioned, Cabo San Lucas has a reputation as a party mecca – San Jose del Cabo  is a bit more laidback, with more of an authentic Mexico vibe. Since this is your vacation we’re talking about here, get off the beaten path if that’s where you want to go. Go local for shopping, art, history and dining experiences. Take a day hike to Fox Canyon to spend some time unwinding in the waterfall-fed mountain pool. Tour the beach on the back of a camel (seriously, you can do that – and no, you don’t have to bring your own camel).

Follow your instincts, and you’ll find Los Cabos really is the sort of place where the good times are waiting, just for you.