Best secluded beaches in the Caribbean

Ever wanted a Caribbean beach of your very own? It might be a Caribbean dream wedding or a honeymoon. It might be a family vacation or a getaway with your sweetheart. Or maybe it’s a long overdue trip to truly get away from it all. Whatever the case, when you find a place that’s perfect and there’s no place you’d rather be – well, sometimes you just want that moment all to yourself. Our selection of secluded, intimate beaches makes that possible; at Half Moon Bay, Warwick Bay Long Beach, Grace Bay and Playa Knip, we think you’re on the way to finding your own personal paradise.

Half Moon Bay, Antigua
Half Moon Bay Beach Antigua WestJet Vacations secluded beachAntigua is world famous for its crystal blue waters and incredible beaches – with 365 beaches, there’s one for each day of the year. Still, some of those beaches manage to stay under the radar and off the beaten path. At Half Moon Bay, on the southeastern tip of Antigua, you’ll find a beach that’s straight out of a postcard. It’s as if nature decided to get everything exactly right and create a place of breathtaking beauty. Half Moon Bay Beach feels almost undiscovered, although it is beginning to get a little busier, you can still enjoy the peace and tranquility of a quiet beach. Here you can downshift to vacation speed and truly savour life moment to moment.

Warwick Long Bay Beach, Bermuda
Warwick Long Bay Beach Bermuda WestJet Vacations secluded beachRanked by CNN and the Telegraph UK as one of the world’s best beaches. Located in Warwick Parish, the beach is on South Road about 10 kilometres from Hamilton City, Bermuda. Here, wondrous pink sand stretches for nearly a kilometer, while the reef close to shore acts as a natural breakwater, ensuring calm, tranquil waters perfect for snorkelling, swimming or just enjoying from your relaxing spot on the sand. Large numbers of parrotfish feed along the water’s edge in the late afternoon that you can see from the beach. Warwick Long Bay also features numerous “nooks and crannies” that afford visitors an even more secluded way to enjoy the beach.

Playa Knip, Curaçao
Playa Knip Beach Curacao WestJet Vacations secluded beachCuraçao is known for the warm, deep and stunningly clear waters surrounding it, and for its many small and secluded beaches. On the less-travelled west side of the island, Playa Knip is one of Curaçao’s best known beaches, and offers visitors a beautiful view, alluring white sand and great swimming and snorkelling. The very definition of “off the beaten track”, Playa Knip is in a sheltered cove, only accessible by car or shuttle by a two-mile road. The tropical forest and outcroppings of rock which border the beach enhance the feeling of seclusion and serenity. To witness a sunset on Playa Knip is to feel like you’re truly in one of life’s best places. Like all of our secluded beach destinations, the island of Curaçao offers a laid-back pace, a delightful mix of cultures and a wealth of attractions – with the soothing sanctuary of the beach to return to when you wish.

Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos
Grace Bay Beach Turks and Caicos WestJet Vacations secluded beach[Photo credit: Turks and Caicos Tourist Board]

If white (sand) and turquoise (water) is your favourite colour combination, then Grace Bay Beach is the spot for you. Grace Bay’s silky white sand makes every step feel heavenly, which is fitting, because for many this is heaven on earth. The water shimmers turquoise as far as the eye can see. When the topic is “world’s best beaches”, Grace Bay is always in the conversation. When the goal is a captivating and rejuvenating mix of recreation and serenity, Turks and Caicos really is beautiful by nature.