Best Caribbean destinations for beaches

All beaches have sand and water, but these destinations have beaches that offer something special and are sure to please every beach bum. So pack your swimsuit, sunscreen and towel and delight in some of the best beaches from our list of best beach picks.

Antigua beach vacation pier ocean
Boasting 365 beaches, Antigua is the perfect destination for beach lovers. The expansive, winding coastline that once made Antigua difficult for sailors to navigate is where you will find loads of secluded, powdery soft beaches.

Dickenson Bay Beach is our best beach pick for Antigua. A crescent shaped bay with calm clear waters, silky white sand and surrounded with activity. There are vendor booths, shops and restaurants and just off the coast of Dickenson Bay are several small uninhabited islands and a one-mile-long coral reef. If you like people watching this beach is perfect for you. Try one of the restaurants right on the beach in the late afternoon for some great people watching while you enjoy a spectacular sunset view.

Bahamas Beach Vacation Paradise Island
Nassau and its neighbour, Paradise Island, offer a unique combination of international glamour and an easygoing, laid-back, tropical lifestyle.

Our best beach pick is on the northern shore of Paradise Island. Atlantis Beach leads to Paradise Beach which is a secluded stretch of pristine powder-white sand and is known as one of Paradise Island’s most stunning beaches. The water is so clear and the sand so soft you won’t believe it. The swim area is calm, the sand goes out well into the water and there are shallow coves for tanning or playing. This beach is mainly used by guests of the Atlantis Resort, but portions are always open to the public.

St. Martin
Orient Bay St. Martin beach Vacation
Packed full of action and beauty Orient Bay Beach in St. Martin makes our list of best beaches. This three kilometre stretch of satiny white sand on the French side of the island has mountains rising up all around and the tiny islands of Green Key, Tintamarre and Pinel Island just off shore.

This beautiful beach has many beach bars and restaurants located right on the beach, all kinds of water sports like Jet Skis, sail boats, paragliding and there is an underwater marine reserve which is perfect for snorkelling. There is even a clothing optional section at the south end. So whether you are into playing all day or relaxing in the warm Caribbean sun while sipping a cool refreshment, Orient Bay is definitely worth a visit.

Turks and Caicos
Grace Bay Beach Turks and Caicos Beach Vacation
The beaches here rank among the Caribbean’s very best. They’re clean and surround each island like a white ribbon. Turks and Caicos’ Grace Bay Beach makes our best beach list because it is what you dream about when you think of that perfect beach. The sand is white and cool and the water is warm and clear. The reef system acts as a break wall and filter that naturally cleans and calms the ocean.

Are you looking for the ultimate in relaxation on your vacation? On Grace Bay Beach you can relax to the max, the pace is slow and leisurely. Stretch out on the beach for an afternoon nap, take a long slow stroll on the silky sand and watch the sun set one beautiful shade at a time.  This will be the most relaxing and beautiful beach vacation you will ever take.