Best of Caribbean beach life

The sun. The sand. The surf. For some, that is everything that’s needed for a vacation. Then there are those who take the three S’s and add three more – like, surfing, sailing and snorkelling, for starters – and that’s how they’d begin to define the perfect vacation. In Antigua, Barbados, St. Martin and Aruba, we’ve found some of the Caribbean’s best beaches for those who like to live their vacations through play and adventure.

Antigua, Dickenson Bay Beach

Antigua Wadadi Cat sailing

Photo credit: Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

Antigua and Barbuda has long been a favourite retreat of the rich and famous and at Dickenson Bay; it’s easy to see why. Powdery soft white sand and the crystal clear water, for which Antigua is famous, make this a popular choice among tourists and locals. There’s lots to do here, from fun in and on the waves, including guided excursions to secluded snorkelling spots, to horseback riding and more. When it’s time to take a break, an abundance of beachfront restaurants and bars make it easy to relax and reload. In Antigua, the law states that all of the country’s 365 beaches belong to the people. We say that “power to the people” doesn’t get any better than this.

Aruba, Palm Beach
Palm Beach Aruba

Palm Beach, Aruba, is an exciting mix of luxury high-rise resort hotels, great restaurants and night spots, beachside shopping and amenities– all of it mere steps away from the gorgeous white sands and turquoise waters of Palm Beach. There is, of course, lots of fun and adventure on and in the Caribbean water, whether you choose sailing or parasailing, swimming or snorkelling, or any of the other many exciting experiences Palm Beach has in store. And if you want to walk on water, or fly above it, you can try Jetlev, the latest most exciting water sport – it’s truly amazing, so we’re pretty sure you’ll be trying it more than once. Palm Beach is one of the trendiest beaches and areas in Aruba where you can fill your days with play and adventure, take in the tangerine sunset and then join in the exciting nightlife just off the beach.

Barbados, Accra Beach

Barbados Windsurfer

Photo credit: Barbados Tourism Authority

This south coast beach is a very popular attraction, with something to offer everyone. Here, you’ll find an ideal combination of calm swimming spots for a relaxing dip, and exciting waves to entice you out onto the water. Boogie boarding and body surfing are popular here, as are sailboarding and catamaran sailing. When it’s time to fuel up, you don’t have to go far – local restaurants and bars offer a wealth of tasty choices, from fresh seafood (of course) to more exotic fare. It’s a vibrant and exciting beach scene, with lots of kiosks where you can indulge your shopping whims. Yes, you can always lie back and relax on the fine white sand – and you may well want to after enjoying a very full day of fun in the warm Barbados’ sun.

St. Martin, Maho Beach
St. Martin Maho Beach WestJet Vacations
Many beaches feature pastimes such as whale watching, or bird watching. At Maho, beachgoers thrill to the sight of a different kind of bird. Planes landing at Princess Juliana International fly right over Maho Beach, St. Martin and if you’re not careful the jet blast from takeoffs can literally blow you away. Admittedly, “close to the airport” isn’t usually a selling point for real estate or vacations, but on this amazing beach, it’s embraced as another part of a very fun and full lifestyle. Yes, there’s beautiful turquoise water and Maho Beach is popular for snorkelling, windsurfing and other recreation, but here when it’s time for arrivals and departures (which are posted daily in the Sunset Beach Bar) the big attraction is in the air – right overhead. There’s truly nothing like it.