Seven hot tips for summer trips

The summer travel season in Canada is almost upon us and it’s time to put the hockey bags into storage and bring out the beach wear. Whether you are planning a summer vacation at the cabin, or heading to Hawaii, we have some hot tips for cool summer travel.

The early bird gets the scorching deal

Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation, a big city visit or a flight to visit family, make sure to book as far in advance as possible. Because seats sell quickly at peak travel times like the summer, the higher-priced seats are often all that’s left so make sure to get booking as soon as your plans are in place.

The ‘I.D.’os and ‘I.D.’on’ts of identification

Ensure that everyone in the family has valid, non-expired I.D. Transport Canada no longer accepts expired identification, so take a look at the I.D. you and your family travel with and make sure to replace it if it’s out of date. For anything related to WestJet and I.D., here’s a good summer read: identification requirements.

Know your eTA (Electronic Travel Requirement)

It’s great to know when you are going to arrive but it’s better to know your entry requirements for Canada. Entry requirements to the country have changed since last summer: visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to, or transit through a Canadian airport, need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exemptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Check out our FAQ.

Photo by @avop_photography on Instagram

Weigh your options

Although a two-piece bikini may not weigh a lot, packing your summer wardrobe plus all of your sandals could weigh you down. Any piece of baggage exceeding the size or weight allowance is subject to all applicable oversized weight and size restrictions and fees. Check the weight of your bag before leaving for the airport to ensure your dollars are spent on fun not fees.

Check out our check-in

WestJet offers four convenient check-in options. Web, mobile and self-serve check-in is available from 24 hours to 60 minutes before scheduled departure and our friendly WestJetters are happy to check you in at most locations starting three hours before scheduled departure.

• Web check-in is available at
• Check-in on your mobile device using our iPhone app, Android app or mobile website.
• Self-serve check-in kiosks are available at most Canadian and U.S. airports in WestJet’s network, and may also offer self-serve bag-tagging, allowing you to print and attach you bag tags as part of your check-in process.
• Traditional counter check-in is available in all airports.

Paying for baggage fees ahead of time can speed up your airport experience. You can pay for any applicable baggage fees with a credit card when you use web or mobile check in.

Cool for the summer

The busy summer travel season can be stressful so keep your cool by making sure you arrive well in advance of your flight. WestJet recommends arriving for a flight 90 minutes prior to departure for domestic and 2 hours prior to an international flight. This will ensure you have plenty of time to check in, drop off your bags and go through security screening.

Laugh, smile and be happy. It’s vacation time!

Most importantly, have fun! We look forward to getting you on your way to wherever the summer may take you. And when you get there, be sure to tag us in your photos and include the #WestJet hashtag.