WestJet today issued another warning to Canadians to avoid sharing their credit card numbers and other private information with fraudsters posing as WestJet or WestJet Vacations.

“This phone scam and other, similar versions continue to be a source of great frustration for our guests as well as for us,” said Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President, Communications and Community Relations. “We would like to reassure Canadians once again that we are not making these annoying calls, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We urge anyone who receives one of these calls to hang up immediately and report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca.”

For several years, con artists purporting to be from WestJet and other prominent Canadian companies have called random telephone numbers across the country in an effort to obtain credit card information. They say they require a credit card number to cover fees associated with claiming the prize. Once they have a number, they use it to make fraudulent purchases.

WestJet does not use telemarketers or make telemarketing phone calls, nor does it share guests’ private information with third parties for the purposes of telemarketing.

A second, less-common scam currently circulating involves fake electronic tickets with long numerical sequences purportedly issued by WestJet. In fact, WestJet itineraries are identified by six letters only and contain relevant information about fares, taxes and fees, baggage allowances, seat selection, inflight entertainment and airline partnerships.

The federal Competition Bureau has declared March Fraud Prevention Month, an annual public awareness campaign designed to prevent Canadian from becoming victims of fraud. For resources and more information, please visit www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/home.

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  • In The Woods

    Not so random On-line booked with westjet Tuesday for the first time in a year or so. Business class to Montreal ,,, 12 hours later I get a overseas call “dear valued westjet customer”. Somebody has access to their data stream.

  • Zeb Miller

    I agree with “In The Woods”. I travelled with West Jet and then about two weeks later my son, who has the same name as I do, starts getting automated calls on his cell phone about winning some prize from West Jet. Not a coincidence. Some one is accessing their data for sure.

  • Zeb Miller

    This happened to me as well. My son who has the same name as me started getting the calls. I don’t know if you can answer me on here but was any of your luggage lost and then returned?

  • Callista Lemay

    I get a call at least once a month, at my current job and my old job. For the past 2 years probably.

  • Callista Lemay

    And your link to report online does not work.

  • J Hunt

    Not random at all. I flew last night with Westjet and got a call this morning. I would like Westjet to investigate/explain how the fraudsters get their information.

  • Sarah

    I just got a call at work stating I have been eligible to receive a $999 travel voucher for free if you press 1 – pressed 1 – someone overseas answered and asked me 2 questions – Am I over 30 years of age and do I have a valid credit card – Once you answer yes to both of those questions they then send you through to some “Global Travel Company” I hung up the phone. My husband got that same call about a month prior.

  • Elizabeth Lecoupe

    I agree with you. Its not random because I received a call after returing from vacation and they asked for me specifically.

  • adimma

    First time I get this call is a few days after flying with Westjet. This strongly suggests that this is a problem with Westjet sharing my information.

  • Health & Wellness

    The plot thickens, I keep getting these calls but I have never flown with West jet! Haven’t flown for 16 years

  • Angry Man

    I have never flown with WestJet an I get calls almost everyday with $999 voucher. When i tell them to stop calling me, they never reply back with “okay” or “sorry”, they just hang up..and next day, you get call again. I tried calling the number (416-742-6254) back, but i guess they have their auto voice thing saying “The Number you have reached is not in service”. I dont think the regular telephone provider’s automated message for “Not-In-Service” numbers sounds the same. Also according to CRTC, telemarketers have to use registered number….so these people are breaking the legal rules as well.

  • Wesley Adetunji

    Yes! That’s exactly what happened to me. Westjet flight, misplaced luggage , repeated calls from Westjet vacations. I think we’ve uncovered a clue….

  • Steve Buckee Kane

    I keep getting called on my cell phone. They sat they are Westjet, and want to give me $900 plus off my next flight, and then ask me if I have a credit card. I almost fell for it, because our finances aren’t too good right now, and we would love to visit our daughter in Calgary. The phone numbers have a 250 area code attached, which makes me think they are OK, since I live on Vancouver Island, and that is our area code.

  • Steve Buckee Kane

    I’ve been getting that same call too, on my cell phone.

  • Steve Buckee Kane

    Sounds to me like westjet’s accounts are being hacked.

  • In The Woods

    Strange. For me it was 41 6. At the start of it,, which also lead me to believe it was local,,, but their was a space after the 1 as I wrote above. (I’m in toronto)

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    They seem to use number-cloaking technology to display a phone number that is from the same area code as yours, and in most cases, the second three digits will be the exact same as your own phone number too.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    They most certainly are breaking all the rules. We have been investigating them for quite some time and continue to work with the local authorities in the country where they are located to get them shut down.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    We have done a thorough investigation into our own data security and are confident that your personal information is safe and has not been compromised. We would not willingly share your information with an organization like the one that is perpetrating this scam.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Through our investigation, we’ve determined that they do two things. First, they use an auto-dialer to dial numerous, random (but sequential) numbers at the same time. They also use a number-cloaker to display a call display number that is from the same area code as the one you’re in. They then play the robo-voice recording indicating that you’ve been selected by XYZ company (WestJet is not the only name being used) to receive a free vacation and cruise.

    Once you press one, you go through a series of 5 different people who seek to get your credit card information, and go so far as to ask you to send a scan of your own passport to them. We know this much because our Communications team has also received calls on our own desk and cell phones, and have managed to keep them on the line for almost an hour whenever they do call.

    One thing that we are certain of is that our guests’ information has not been compromised. Though there are a number of people who have received one of these calls after flying with us, it is merely a coincidence. With up to 50,000 people flying with us every day, there are bound to be some who receive the scam call soon after their trip. Rest assured that your phone number(s) and other personal data is safe.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Elizabeth, do you get an anti-spyware message when you click the anti-fraud centre link in this blog post? If so, do you get the same warning when you access the link through the RCMP’s website (http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/scams-fraudes/tf-ft-eng.htm – look for the link about 2/3 of the way down the page)? Please let me know.

  • Da King

    I never use to get phone calls until I flew WestJet a few months ago. Now every month I receive several calls and each says I won something from WestJet. It can’t be random that they happened to select the same company I used right after I used them. I agree with others in saying there’s a breach of data happening at WestJet.

  • Frank

    More updates. I am new to this but some 416 number called me everyday this week. I sent a nasty text to the caller to realize it wasn’t them. This persons phone was stolen and several outbound calls made using this number.

  • Heather

    Well darn, I really wanted the $999 travel voucher. Luckily I’m not an idiot and don’t give my credit card info out at random…

  • Hacked

    I have received 2 emails in the past week which I believe are fake. They want me to take a survey on Westjet Rewards and offer a chance to win $500 westjet dollars. How did they get my email address and know that I was a Westjet Rewards member unless they hacked the Westjet system? This is not random. I forwarded the second one to the rcmp link provided on the westjet site.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Could you forward a copy of the email to us at blog@westjet.com too? We’d like to take a look at it to confirm if it is real or another scam. Our Market Research team does send these types of emails to guests occasionally. Thanks.

  • Alfred K

    What’s worse now is they are spoofing caller ID numbers. Why doesn’t the CRTC make it illegal to spoof Caller ID?

  • paul reid

    I too get these occasionally.

    Recorded voice that says press 1 to redeem 900$. Etc.

    I tried reporting it to the anti fraud number but they told me to tell my local police.

    Called them and they pretty much yawned. Didn’t record the incident.

  • Ax

    I have flown on WestJet and I have received these calls but I have NEVER given WestJet the phone number that I get the calls on. Its someone using an auto dialer and a coincidence, not a data breach.

  • Liquido

    Been receiving calls from “WestJet” for a few months now. I’ve mostly been ignoring them, but as of recent it has become more frequent. I decided to press 1 to be brought to an operator and was hung up on. I tried calling back only to have a man claim that it was his cell phone and he had no idea what I was talking about. It sounds as though they have somehow either tapped this guys phone and are calling through his personal cell phone, or someone he knows has set it up. The phone number is 416 450 1520. There is also another number that claims to be WestJet. 416 450 1088. I hope this all gets sorted soon. I’ve blocked them multiple times, yet somehow the calls keep going through.

  • Dogmom

    I just got a call on my work phone that was clearly a scam – I sent an email on the ‘feedback’ section of the Westjet Website with all the details but let me know if you want the info here

  • TiredOfScams

    I got an automated call from 604 440 2408 claiming to be westjet and that I was ‘selected’ to receive $999 for my next flight. This looks to be a scam.

  • kthink

    Got another of these messages today. Didn’t press 1, just hung up. Reported it to the fraud line.

  • Deborah

    Just got home yesterday and got 8 calls.. Thank you for your recent flight with west jet, how did they get my information?

  • Teresa Meehan Johnson

    I just got a call at work stating I have selected, based on my recent flight, to receive a $999 travel voucher for free from Westjet. Second call this week.

  • Jennifer

    I just got a call at work from what looked like an internal office extension, but when I picked it up it was an automated voice that name-dropped WestJet and asked me to press 1 to claim $999 in free travel. I pressed 1 to see what would happen. I was connected to someone in a call centre who wanted me to provide my credit card information in exchange for two “free” all-inclusive trips, one to Mexico and the other a cruise. I asked the person to repeat the company name and he said ‘Global Group Travel’. I said I would be looking up this company online as I felt this promotion was likely fraud. He hung up on me, which is about all the confirmation I needed. I think these people are using some sort of auto-dialer, as WestJet does not have my office phone number on file.

  • RadioFlyer

    Someone definitely has access to the WestJet data stream or phone system or something. I usually fly Air Canada (for business) and 3 weeks ago went on Vacation with my family to Hawaii. Previous to that, I had not taken WestJet for approximately 5 years, and had never received a call claiming that I had “won a prize of 999 dollars, press one now”. Now, I get these calls 3-5 times a week, during all hours of the day. Please make these calls stop.

  • Darren

    They forgot to block there number when the called me 011-61-3329 2665
    011 is the exit code from Australia
    61 is the country code for Australia

  • RadioFlyer

    Looking through my phone records, the numbers I am receiving these calls from are always different, but always have the same area code and prefix:
    60 4 805 3096
    60 4 805 6465
    60 4 805 2198
    60 4 805 7423

    I know these ones are the spam numbers as they usually say “unknown” as the location. the 604 area code and 805 are known as Vancouver, BC, and 805 is usually the prefix for a cell phone in the area, and when I receive legitimate calls, “British Columbia” comes up as the location. Google tells me that 60 is the country code for Malaysia.

  • Orion

    I got one of these calls today. It came from 1-519-663-0647. It looked like a local call so I picked up. The call began with an automated message that said this was Westjet calling. Based on my recent flight, my ticket number had been entered in a draw and I had won $900 towards my next flight. Press one to claim the prize, so I did just to see what would happen. The first guy asked immediately for my credit card number. I told him I wanted more information about what this was about. Another guy came on the line and started blabbing something a a trip to some resort. I told him I wasn’t interested and hung up. I thought I heard him say something about credit card info as I was hanging up. Initially I was a bit peeved at Westjet for giving out my information to these telemarketers. But then what I found strange is that I didn’t actually fly Westjet (haven’t flown with them in a couple of years) recently but did buy a ticket for my daughter for a flight earlier this month. I began to wonder if these guys had my credit card information as that purchase was the only thing the connected me to Westjet recently. However it did dawn on me that if they already had it they wouldn’t be phoning me to ask for it. I then thought I would google some info to see if this might be a scam and sure enough. I really hope these dirtbags don’t fish anyone in with this scam but I suspect that they do. I’ve gone into some detail here in the hope that this may help identify who these people are.

  • Sugar_Celebi

    I haven’t flown with WestJet in years, and I’m getting these calls once a week or so. Even when I did fly with WestJet, I believe the bookings were under my parents’ names/numbers. For me at least, these calls are definitely random. All the numbers I’ve been called from start with 011-905-617, and then a random last 4 digits. 905-617 is the beginning of my own number, so that certainly is no coincidence. It’s all very annoying.

  • Tominatrix

    Just got one of these calls. Had a couple of missed calls from similar numbers as well. I had actually flown WestJet previously so I thought “could possibly be legit” and hit 1. The next question was “are you over 30 years old?”, which surely if they were from WestJet they would know my age. The next words they uttered were “if you can provide your credit card det…” and the next sound they heard was “click”.

    The number they called wasn’t the number I used when booking, so I doubt it’s a data breach. More likely an auto dialler as Greg suggests.

  • Tominatrix

    Having worked with automated phone technology, this kind of scam with the custom local-looking number and the automated voice prompt is so easy to set up, a child could do it. This problem is likely to get worse over time unless the telcos start policing the use of custom numbers.

  • Tammy

    I have NEVER flown with Westjet (nothing personal Westjet!), and yet receive these calls on my home, office and cell phone.

  • jb

    Received one today from 519-489-2179 this is about the fourth call, usually during the day – reported it through the website you advised.

  • George Jetson

    Thanks, today i received a similiar call “from air Canada”. Identity fraud is a serious business.

  • Orion

    I got another call like this but this time the automated voice said they were calling because of my recent booking through expedia (I had won a $900 travel voucher, blah, blab..). I hung up without engaging them. I’m certain now that this has nothing to do with westjet and these scammers are calling random numbers or sequences of numbers expecting that they’ll hit some people who have recently flown with a certain airline or booked a trip through a travel website. I’ve never booked anything through expedia so they couldn’t have obtained any info about me from there.

  • chayisun

    Got two calls yesterday…..From 519-694-2056 and 519-694-6983………From some twit “representing” West Jet and, to thank me for my loyalty to West Jet….An airline I have yet to use…..I have qualified for a travel voucher of some sort.

    I called the numbers back and, of course, couldn’t connect to them. Shocker.

    I think, next time, I’m going to answer……And speak to them in mandarin….

  • The Edge

    THANK YOU WESTJET … no really – you have taken the time to listen & care but I know IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. These calls are:

    1. A BREACH of the TELCOs data and/or networks, or
    2. related to a SMARTPHONE APP DOWNLOAD, or
    3. simply RANDOM

    I know this because these identical Robo-Calls started 2 years ago for me and before the recording stated they were calling me as a “WestJet” customer ( I have never flown WestJet) they said “Air Canada” or “Greater Toronto Airport Authority” and even companies like “Canadian Tire”.

    They come in waves of once-or-twice daily calls that last for days or weeks. They used to show a non-existent New York State phone number and now local (Toronto) and/or “unknown” numbers.

    I have tried to ask throughout the chain of transfers to see who they are but I either get obscure company names or lies or disconnected. I have tried screaming and whistles to deafen the callers and threats and insults and begging but the calls continue.

    I have complained to every company, but the truth is that WESTJET (etc) CANNOT STOP THEM. I have complained to every level of government/police authority but I DOUBT THEY HAVE THE EXPERTISE OR RESOURCES TO SHUT THEM DOWN PERMANENTLY ON THEIR OWN. I have received commitments from every level of the scammers that my number will be removed from their database but THEY CANNOT OR WILL NOT REMOVE ME.

    I BELIEVE THE ONLY ONES WHO COULD POSSIBLY SHUT THEM DOWN ARE THE TELCOs WORKING AS A COLLECTIVE WITH THE AUTHORITIES. These are ultimately telephone calls, likely originating from software at various places in the world. but at some point they need to have access to one or several Telecom networks. If the NSA and CSIS can record all of our phone calls they can surely track the origins of these millions of robo-calls, even though they seem to be passed from one call center to another during the course of the call..

    The fact that people said in other posts that the calls started after flying WestJet is merely a coincidence or is related to information Phishing software. These calls are a fact of life and one day when this particular scam is shut down another one will take its place.

    All we can do is be vigilant:

    – never give your phone number to people you do not know or trust (mine has even been unlisted for years)
    – never give ANY personal or financial information to anyone over the phone (or internet) that you do not know or trust
    – and the next time they call simply hang up and try to be thankful for all the positive wonders that modern technology have brought us.

  • Weezie

    I have never flown westjet and get a call almost daily

  • Erich

    Just got called for a West Jet prize of $999.99 from 416-274-9349. Did not continue phone call.

  • SunShyne

    I don’t get the anti spyware instead the site doesn’t process my report. Westjet is a FRAUD! The same thing that happened to In The Woods is happening to me. This is BS Westjet. Own your mistakes and fix them!!!!!

  • Tess Stewart

    Got my third call from them today. On my work phone, which has never been used for contact info when booking anything. Because they’re using an auto-dialer, whether you fly with WJ recently or not, is simply a coincidence.

    I tried contacting the fraud centre, but the link said it was blocked for security reasons and the phone lines are closed. Big help there!

  • vinn pham

    WESTJET IS PATHETIC!!!! you are a multi billion $ company. and dont do anything to stop this??? these scams is stealing and hurting the “consumers” pockets, and not yours….thats why you just dont give a shit and do nothing???

  • AnotherPerson

    My record so far is 24 mins ~ try to beat that ! I sent four emails and looked up events for this upcoming weekend in the time that Manuel and lovely Bethany explained to me all the benefits that I would be receiving for my one time payment of 1099.99.

    PS: Apparently Bethany is not part of the package deal !

  • VintageZen

    The scam only started recently hence it coinciding with your first Westjet trip – it’s a coincidence. We get these calls at my office daily, sometimes twice a day, and I have never given out my work number when booking flights. EVER. I can guarantee that. We even get them to our boardroom number, and that’s a private number that no one has – it’s only used internally. So weird to have the phone ringing when no one is in the boardroom. Like the above person said, 50,000 people fly with WJ daily – these calls are bound to hit a lot of them, unfortunately. It’s not Westjet’s fault – the scamsters in some foreign call centre are to blame.

  • VintageZen

    Suggestion: Let’s make it super unprofitable for the scamsters at the call centre. If you get one of these calls, accept the call, talk to a representative, and attempt to keep them on the line as long as possible asking questions, asking them to repeat, etc. If everyone they call trolls them, maybe they’ll give up.

  • katharine

    considering the first time I applied for a passport a westjet employee stole the entire batch for the credit card numbers it really doesn’t surprise me that they’ve let scammers access your personal information. Thanks heaps westjet!

  • Vandelay

    Every effing day. Every effing day.

    …..every effing day.

  • pat

    i get 3 to 4 calls per week. the number on my display is close to my cell number they are calling. Im usually happy they call because i like to talk to the telescammers about disgusting perverted things and mess with them as best i can.lol I would love an address of the workers and business. any one with info please post!

  • Henry Kamstra

    It is probably just coincidence, but you have take into consideration that the con artists are well organized and sophisticated. They have automated tools to scan social media for posts about trips and such, (not that you posted) and a few searches later, or from their own databases they put two and two together.

  • Swibble

    Exactly the same experience – I booked with Wesjet for the first time and the scam calls started immediately after. You can’t tell me that’s a coincidence.

  • Swibble

    WestJet, it is about time you started taking responsibility for this!

  • Shawn Pauliszyn

    If it happened to me soon after any flight, I would be skeptical too. But my daughter just got her first cell phone with a new random number last week and got her first scam call a few days latter from ‘WestJet’. My wife gets them occasionally as well but she has never flown WestJet. I get them at random times even since I have been flying WestJet for several years. I believe its a random number caller — it doesn’t take much for a hacker write a program to call a thousand random numbers in a few hours and then keep the active numbers in a database (I do a fair bit of engineering related programming myself). It is frustrating and and a bit scary that in this electronic age we just don’t know who or where the criminals are. That being said, don’t forget to also get mad at the actual fraudsters!!!

  • In The Woods

    Possibly-yes. But,, didn’t fly them for 2 years,,, no calls. Flew them to Montreal, call 2 days later. Haven’t flown them in 5-6 months,, no call
    So my thoughts are that it’s not so random

  • Garrett Cooper

    I’ve been getting A LOT of these lately, like everyday between my cell phone and office line. I’m in Calgary where the newer area code is 587, which is the caller ID for these calls. I registered my number to the DNC list back in February because these were really becoming an issue.

    They slowed, but have started again the past few months fierce. The last few I’ve pressed 1 to talk to someone to ask where they’re calling from (since it’s a huge fine being that my number is on the DNC) and they just hang up on me.

    I tried to file a complaint but they said because they’re pretending to be WestJet and I fly via WestJet, that we have a business relationship and the calls are fine. Which is BS because it’s not actually WJ calling me.

    This has really become a headache.

  • Theresa

    778-245-8669. Phoned me about a WestJet scam. They hung up when I got mad at them and repeatedly asked them to verify they were from WJ. I’ve since downloaded a call blocker app, registered for the DNC list, and contacted the anti-fraud line.

  • Gurpreet Sandhu

    Yes i received daily call

  • Guest

    My husband has been getting these calls repeatedly over the past few weeks. Totally annoying.

  • Jobless_and_Jaded

    I just got one of these scam calls this evening.

  • Tatiana Marie

    my number is unlisted and only a small circle of friends have it, I used it for booking a west jet flight last year and I have been inundated with those annoying “you can get $99 off your next trip, press one now” which of course is a scam. I get those calls almost every other day and they are most annoying. I can only connect west jet with the beginning of these calls and I have to wonder if someone hacked their client lists or perhaps an insider at west jet sold a client list to telemarketers.

  • nick

    west jet fix this I was done flying with you for little bit
    lots of ppl will just switch
    air Canada had troubles not to long ago when did this start?
    criminals? what’s the goal to the scam other than make ppl hate west jet.
    it always hangs up on me lol
    seems like a grey area scam. why do a crime for nothing seems silly eh?

  • http://www.onemansjournal.org/ Timothy Pinder Orr

    I have been getting these calls for close to a year now, at least once a day, and often twice or three times. If I don’t answer the call, they continue to call me until I do answer. Many, many times I have pressed 1 and asked to be taken off their phone list. They immediately hang up. To be honest, this has tarnished my image of WestJet. I know WestJet is completely innocent, but after getting so, so many of these calls, whenever I hear or see the name WestJet, I’m repulsed. I’m sure I’m not the only one for whom these annoying calls is having this effect. You may be losing a lot of business because of this folks! This is serious!

  • http://www.onemansjournal.org/ Timothy Pinder Orr

    It’s quite possible that these telemarketers have hacked in to WestJet and are using some of those numbers along with many others outside of WestJet to perpetuate the scam. For sure WestJet is not directly responsible for this, but it has certainly become a major problem for them, that they do need to address.

  • gkmedia

    I’ve never flown WestJet but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve won $999. It never ends.

  • Chuck

    I have never been inclined to join online discussions, however, this issue is definitely getting weird… We have two house numbers and receive calls several calls everyday from purported companies such as Microsoft Support and WestJet (used to get the stupid ones that started out with a ships whistle). The call I just received was to our unlisted number and the caller id showed a local number and a name so I answered it only to find it was the “WestJet your ticket has been selected” recording. Because it was a local number I decided to call it expecting a “not in service recording”, however, a fellow answered! He was completely shocked when I told him about the call. We had a bit of a chat, he told me his name and the location he lived in – which is down the road – and he knew things he wouldn’t know if he weren’t living in our small community. What the hell???!!! It would appear that these *&#@ are actually using other people’s phone numbers to make their calls. What’s up with this?

  • wendy

    I keep getting calls from WJ ,They are recoded and a damn nuisance

  • chokedattheworld .

    It is random. I’ve never flown west jet and recieve calls every few weeks, from a different number each time. They are criminals trying to obtain cradit card numbers. In this day and age of NSA spying on all communications you would think that this sort of activity would be easy to stop and the criminals would be tracked and charged, but that is not the case. Proving that the reasons they claim they need to spy on us all is fraudulent.

  • disqus_eWSc9F2ohW

    I’ve never flown in my life tell the other day on thanksgiving, I chose westjet. Two days after I started getting these calls! Do you think we the people are stupid? Your Data base is not secured and you have a serious problem! Come on here and treat your customers like this, our info is under a confidentiality aggreement and you’re trying to cover your asses!!!

  • disqus_eWSc9F2ohW

    Of course they are using an auto dialer and a number cloaker, but they
    obviously hacked the data base. You think these people are stupid and
    that some nerd in his grandmas basement is doing this? It’s a group of
    organized criminals that have the resources to out smart our government
    and hack into Data Bases like WestJets to get funding,weither it’s to
    suply money for arms and ammunition, orto further their criminal
    enterprise/terrorist organization! They’ll never be cought and the only
    way to stop these “COINCIDENCES” is to own up to your B.S. WestJet and
    protect your customers not your wallet!!!!

  • Dan L

    In most cases adding your number to the DNC list only makes things worse. In order for a company to know they can’t call you, they have to have access to the list which anyone can purchase for about $10. Seeing as its only illegal to call the DNC numbers within Canada, it gives overseas telephone scammers a great list of active phone numbers.

  • dredep

    I get these too, and btw I don’t fly so they are random. I have received the calls on both my work phone and cell phone. I work for a large company and received a call from an internal number, so answered and got the recording. I looked up the owner of the number to let them know their number is being used. The telecom maintenance here says they are aware the numbers are being hijacked, but they are unable to stop it from happening. My coworkers also receive these calls from internal corporate numbers

  • Annz

    I have not flown WestJet in a long time — however have started getting these calls on a twice a week basis — and the number that they call from is similar to my number. I have reported this to the government and given them all the numbers that I have received the calls from. It is annoying — but I just hang up and move onto more pleasant things in my life.

  • Ramilla

    Same thing happened to me, WestJet flight delayed, and while we’re waiting, a call from the robocall comes in offering $1000 westjet travel dollars…

  • rrrr

    I have never once flown with Westjet, and yet have been recieving these calls at work and on my personal phone. It is absolutely a coincidence.

  • cindy cao

    I got the call after booking a westjet flight for my friend one day ago

  • Marc-Olivier Parisien

    Friday Oct 24: 12:11PM I got a call
    The scammers dialing system mostly uses the local area code of the number it is calling. I got a call from 613-884-5098 – my personal phone is 613-884-XXXX. Calling the line just hangs up without a ring. They made it seem like a local call. A number can be easily spoofed using a VoIP system. However VoIP works using the IP Protocol and should be traceable / block-able. Why aren’t they being blocked by law enforcement?

    Same Call yesterday 7:36PM +852 6452 1890 (I found it weird that it wasn’t a real number or have the proper format but that is the number on my call display.)

    I told them to go ** themselves.I don’t travel, never flew in my life and don’t even have a passport.

    I seem to speak to a different person each time. The callers could be employees who do not realize they are scamming people, but either way it doesn’t matter they must be shut down. As from analyzing the amount of calls and the amount of people who receive them, this is too big to be a one man show. Which should make it easier to track down.

    I get a call at least twice a week sometimes more. And I have been getting these calls for almost a year now.

    They must be getting our numbers from somewhere, and there has to be a service they are using to get on the phone grid. Perhaps the phone companies are to blame for letting scammers use the lines. But because they aren’t legally accountable they don’t care they make a profit off the air time when I pickup. It’s pretty much what Rogers told me.

    The agent at Rogers confirmed she personally also receives these calls, or at least similar calls. But she said it wasn’t enough to do something about it. Well I’m sorry but some very innocent people will give out their info when told they can save 1000$. So whether I believe it or not doesn’t matter, they must be stopped. Rogers nonchalant attitude doesn’t help. They can trace the originating IP of an incoming VoIP call very easily.

    WestJet just shouts that it’s not them and not their fault.

    I made a complaint to Canada’s anti fraud center. But I’m not the first one and my call today proves they aren’t doing much about it. Also they tell you to report it right away but when I got my call yesterday past 7PM, I learned the fraud center closes at 4:30PM.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe some Hackers could hack the sh*t out of these scammers and tell the world where they are. Some very pissed off people would take care of the rest.

    Anyways I’m going to be doing my final due diligence now by calling the cops and reporting the fraud attempt. From here on out I will be calling them and the anti-fraud center EVERY TIME. We should all do it, if they are too busy to deal with us, maybe they will deal with the issue at hand.

    I think there is a lack of competence in our justice department(s), and the Corporations.

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