In early August, we sat down with our friends at studio m and started brainstorming what ‘giving’ looked like at its best. We wanted to do something big, exciting and fresh.

Fast forward three months and, with the help of 175 WestJet volunteers, three airports and Santa himself, we made a Christmas miracle happen for more than 250 guests on two Calgary-bound flights.

We know that Santa has a very busy schedule at this time of year, and can’t be everywhere. So we did what WestJetters do best, and helped him spread some Christmas magic to our guests.

What actually happened? You’ll have to watch the WestJet Christmas miracle video below to find out. Make sure you have a few tissues handy, though.

Don’t forget to also check out Santa’s bloopers video — we know you’ll love them.

Without further adieu, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight!

We hope you love the video as much as we loved putting it together. If you do, please help us spread the word about the video. Why would you do that? We’re going to give Christmas flights to a family in need if our video hits 200,000 views. So share some Christmas spirit, help us unite a family for the holidays, and earn yourself a chance to win!

(UPDATE: we’ve surpassed our goal of 200,000 views, and will be working with Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada to select a family to donate flights to. Thanks to everyone who shared our video, and for all the positive comments)

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  • Sean L

    Wow! That was awesome! Kudos to Westjet, their team, and of course… Santa!

  • Casey Karen James

    That was so awesome to watch!! WestJet is an amazing Airline and they really do care!!!! Kudo’s you everyone who make this “Christmas Wishes” happen!!

  • Noreen Giroux

    This brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome idea to put smiles on the faces of all their passengers. West Jet really cares about people , and that is why they are so loved. Thanks for making all those passengers have a Merry Christmas. I love West Jet

  • meghannb

    very heartwarming for sure

  • Cheryl MacKinnon

    THIS is why I love working with you, WestJet & the fabulous WestJetters! Superb video and idea. Happy Holidays to one and all.

  • Guest

    What a beautiful thing you did. It is nice to see a company that cares about its customers.

  • irene butt

    love go home for new years be awesome gift since we have none

  • Melanie Markell

    Well done, Westjet. I’m already a loyal guest of yours, and you keep giving me reasons to tell everyone I know why you are amazing. This is incredible! You made a lot of people happy on those flights, and many more Canadians proud!

  • Mike Vardy

    Well done, WestJet. This exemplifies why you’re the only Canadian carrier i’ll fly with.

  • Cindy B

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Kathryn Beaumont

    That, is honestly the nicest thing I have ever seen a business do, I find now a days there is no more customer service and this really showed me that someone really cares. A lot r to busy with there own lives very little giving and a lot of greed. I try and show my kids everyday to give and treat people with respect. I thank u, this truly brought tears to my eyes. Thank you
    I feel bad to ask this but if I could have one wish, it would be to visit my family, I have not seen my family in 13 years, last time I was home was my mothers funeral. With 2 children it is to expensive for me.

  • waxing emu

    Westjet continues to be the coolest! But, minus the flights home, which are really a desire to be with family, I’m sad that everybody asked for material things, and not only material things, but material things for themselves. I don’t think caring should = products….. we are all really just demonstrating that “stuff” is the most important aspect of life.

  • Ton

    So nice & generous!!! I know what I’d ask for….for my next flight not to have a drunk passed out on my arm!! that’s all
    Merry Christmas

  • MargieAtPolitiChicks

    Simply amazing. American servers could learn a lot from you!

  • Mary

    Westjet just has a wonderful way of making you feel good. Merry Christmas to Westjet. Just awesome.

  • Christine Giberson

    Another reason to fly WestJet! Not that I needed another. This brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips. My children were a little envious – ” How come we were not on that flight” and still happy to see so many people be so happy and excited. They did confirm with me that we are flying WestJet on out holiday! Way to go WestJet the company that cares.

  • Angus

    A good deal of how questions are answered hinges on how they were asked.
    And I’m sure no one thought they were getting anything so why not dream big.

  • Joy Donovan

    Ive actually never heard of you Westjet, but after seeing this video I will fly you whenever possible!

  • Sheila Talling

    I had no idea what I was about to see….of course….only WestJet!!! Awesome guys….really awesome!! Merry Christmas to all of YOU!! :-)

  • Kim McCarthy Bond

    This was amazing, and it looks like the WestJet volunteers had lots of fun! Travelling at this time of year can be very stressful and anything BUT fun, and you absolutely overcame that! I will say, living in Hawaii, I have never heard of WestJet, but now I have, and I will make sure any of the Canadians I run into here this winter (we have many snow birds here from there) know what a wonderful airline you are!

  • Susie

    Sooooooooooo A-W-E-S-O-M-E and generous and ♡heart-centred.
    Will be hard for either the Receivers or the Givers of these Random Acts of Kindness to forget this experience….Appreciation and admiration to WestJet and to the hundreds of volunteers involved to make this miracle happen♡

  • ATerribleHusband

    This is way too awesome! Very, very cool stuff. Way to go!

  • Mooseme

    you made me cry…such a beautiful and touching thing to do..Merry Christmas West Jet team

  • Cheryl Keoughan


  • Carp Fair

    Amazing! Great work WestJet! Used a box of tissues in the office!

  • LorraineBakerLaufman

    Amazing! Happy to be sitting at my desk crying this morning. Thank-You xo

  • Diane Troelstrup

    What a great thing to do. So nice to see all those smiles and tears of joy. Another reason why my airline of preference is West Jet. KUDOS to the great staff and great airline company. Merry Christmas!!!

  • Wendy Howell Butler

    I have always known you were a company with heart, fun, and compassion. WestJet has done it again! You warm my heart! You rock!

  • Sparkle_Agency

    What a nice video!!!

  • Glogirly and Katie

    Wow. This is amazing, heartwarming… just, WOW.

  • William Bincoletto

    If this does not make you BELIEVE, nothing will! Raising a Merry Cheer to everyone at WestJet and Santa!

  • Anna Rounseville

    Wow, what a great team effort! Too cool! I got here from a post on Twitter, then watched the video on You Tube. You all hit it way outta the park, really. I hope the U.S. Newly merging air flight companies are paying attention, not about the gifts but the attitude and sheer good energy evident on the videos, and from the top also. “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight.” oh, and by the way your video has 1,222,831 views. I think that qualifies as “viral”. :D Great job!

  • Dave C.

    Wow, now that’s the Westjet that I know and love.

  • Jean Johnson

    That was awesome. Good job WestJet!!

  • Adrianne Stone

    Wow this was an awesome idea! If I ever have the option to fly with you guys I definitely will. I bet it felt pretty awesome to make all those people’s day too.

  • Nadine Kelley

    Where can I find the music in the background? I would love to add it to my Christmas collection!

  • Phanna

    Man, wow WestJet. Wish I could have been part of your crew.

  • Debbie Tarko

    I had tears in my eyes !!!! West jet is the best Canadian airlines ever !!!

  • Avon MakeupSpygirl

    Some companies get it right, like @WestJet. Actually made my mascara run a little, it was so sweet.

  • Kathleen Deschene

    How wonderful you are !!! No wonderful your NUMBER “1” with the people. I was very touched by your thoughtfulness.

  • Steven Gurley

    Genius marketing & pr concept. Incredible production value. The hat doesn’t come off for many, but it does for this. Great work.

  • Dustin Moody

    This is really fantastic. Great work!

  • Matthew Rivard

    I tip my elf cap to you Greg . amazing idea!

  • Patrick Quinn

    Great video. What song is being played during the shopping sequence?

  • Margo Long

    I saw the video posted on Facebook by my husband and a friend. Wow! I cried! That was the best Christmas “flash mob” surprise. I’m not surprised that people or corporations do such fun and amazing things, but it cheers my heart to see it done and done so well even if there were “elfish blunders.” Thanks for giving some individuals and families some Christmas cheer! Well done! I needed a tissue, for sure! :D

  • acn0211

    The west jet Christmas miracle is a wonderful gesture of giving back to the community…. Even if in a small way, which is rare in a greedy world.
    However, a good start… Could lead to bigger lasting acts for the needy.
    Perhaps, helping genuine homeless, with a chance to own a home, or, helping with heavy burden of medical expenses…. would impact fewer, but significantly.

    In any case, WestJet has awakened the imagination of many… in giving. Thank you for giving, and surely your employees would be more fulfilled and proud.

  • Germaximus

    Definitely a tear-jerker. I still can’t help but laugh and feel bad for the people that asked for socks and a scarf.

  • Jennifer Pascual

    This is just amazing! I have tears in my eyes, well done!! ^_^

  • Karen Rawson

    I also have tears in my eyes!! I want to work for this amazing company!!!!

  • Conni Attwell

    How fantastic of Westjet…my favourite airline. Kudos to you!

  • Cheryl-Anne Simoneau

    This brought tears to my eyes – way to go Westjet!

  • Randi Morse

    I have watched this 3 times and cried every single time. To just give random gifts to complete strangers is truly in the spirit of Christmas, and I want to say how amazed I am and how much I now want to work for WestJet! Thank you so much for doing this – it is truly an inspiration!

  • Terry Doerksen

    Awesome ,that is all

  • andy

    Love it!

  • renay clermont

    West Jet You guys are IT!!!! Not only will I ONLY fly with you, but you did something Im amazed at…….with so much pain and cynicism in the world, my 16 yr old son actually said your team and your spirit renewed his faith in mankind —for that I thank you ~~~Merry Christmas to All

  • AMG✌

    the idea was nice but that was fake. the Airport background was empty.

  • Jan

    …makes me feel good about being Canadian.

  • Shawn Rockwell

    Great Job West Jet wish I could be so lucky lol

  • Tanya Fishwick

    what a wonderful thing wish I was on the plane such a wonderful thing

  • Fred Stephenson

    I’m Proud to be Canadian! … :-)

  • Steve Greven

    I guess you don’t fly much. Westjet will NEVER, EVER do anything fake. They DO care about their passengers and people in general. I know, for I flew with them and they are the kindest people I have ever been with. I guess you are just a little jealous that you were not there to get something.

  • Lon Belvin Sr

    I NEVER considered flying Westjet. I will in the future. THIS BROUGHT A TEAR to me….you are a special company

  • eeegee

    Amazing! At 60 years old, I’m believing again! This is what it’s all about. Listening to people and fulfilling their wish.

  • Marlene Frayn Dermott

    Awesome video, I loved the looks on the passengers faces as they opened their gifts. Well done West Jet.

  • Clancy Murphy

    Can I apply for a job? Wow this was truly inspirational, way to go!

  • Beyhan Cetin

    new update : over 7.000.000 viewrs :) well done! i loved send please santa to germany

  • Maria A Ceniccola


  • Sharon Frederick

    What you did was absolutely fantastic!! I would fly WestJet before any other airline just because of the service. My mother was lost in Vancouver airport one year at Christmas time. She decided that she should go to the airport one day early and the people at WestJet saw her distress and called me to let me know what had happened. Then they put her on the next available flight to Calgary. I will never ever forget the kindness that the people at WestJet showed me and my Mom. Just the absolute best ever airline. Thanks so much, and what you have done here just shows what an outstanding company that you are :)

  • Karen Sullivan

    This is the true meaning of Christmas, kind like pay forward, pass the miracle on

  • Alan Traettino

    This was a truly amazing gesture by WestJet. Kudos to this company for taking the time to enlighten the lives of 250 people during the holiday season- truly an unprecendented gesture!!!

  • gladys montoya

    Great job West Jet.That, I think, is the essence of Christmas.

  • Tom DeRosa

    I wish I was young enough to get a job at Westjet. What a great company doing wonderful things for people

  • Lisa Haynes


  • Abeyta Photography

    Incredibly well planned and executed event. What a wonderful surprise to pull off this act of generosity. I can image it made WestJet very happy to bring so many smiles to your unsuspecting guests. Bravo. Yes, agree with Noreen . . . this brought tears to my eyes too. Cheers

  • Maco Sikharulidze

    This is really fantastic. Is the essence of Christmas.

  • Kathy

    I smiled, cried and shared. KUDOS

  • Maureen Brenner

    It brought tears to my eyes too…what a super nice thing to do…it is your happy crew that keeps me coming back

  • dot

    as i was sitting here crying, stressing about how I am gona keep my hydro from being disconnected tomorrow, i was asking god why is it miracles never seem to happen anymore, and then i came acrossed your video, it made me cry even more, but in a diff way.. Thank you Westjet for caring and making miracles happen after all..What you did was truly special.. God love each one of you and your family members,for ding what you did, and for making me see miracles still do happen.. If I can ever afford to fly, and get up the courage to do it. I will def fly Westjet.. Merry Christmas to all of you an your families from my house to yours.. xxxxxxx

  • Gail Bettger

    WOW – Amazing – gave me goosebumps and made me smile. Thanks WestJet for making others smile. You Rock!!

  • Puritan

    How will AC top this ?

  • Pauline Viciana

    My name is Pauline and I´m a 38 years old teacher. I would like to thank you a lot about the new campain “real-time giving”. I really think this time of the year is the best time, ever. It´s an opportunitty to do things better and believe people and trust in a better world. Nowadays with children going to the toy shops choosing theirs own presentes, unbelieving in anything magic with theirs parentes without any time or opportunity is very difficult make them believe!!! I always believe, until nowadays, because Santa means to me all of kindness and Faith and love, well, how not believe? And when I have the opportunity to see other people trying to do something like you did, well, my heart be full of happiness and enchanted!! So, Thank you all for show people that we can believe and Merry Merry Christmas of a new fan of you!!!

  • Jim Klaus

    Well done, West Jet!

  • Jen

    I wish I were Canadian so I could fly with you.

  • William Carter

    this just proves that the true kindness of the human sprit is not dead but alive in the hearts of westjet employees. God bless you all and a Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Tony Paone

    You think the idiots from Air Canada would think of that? Don’t bet on it!


    Connecting hearts

  • Sheena Thomas

    Awesomeness :)

  • JanetMPatterson


  • Claudia Miquelino

    That’s a good idea !!

  • Kimberly Epperson

    This is an awesome video!!! I wish more businesses could share their wealth with unexpecting clients or customers>

  • Neil Olsen

    I Loved the video, good on you WESTJET…..

  • LoriP

    Lovely idea – Westjet is really innovative :)

  • Claire Armstrong

    I have found it after hours searching !!

    Is Santas Coming Tonight – by Henrik Wilkstrom & Steve Martin. I found on ITunes within album called Christmas Nostalgia x

  • Claire Armstrong

    I have found it after hours searching !!

    Is Santas Coming Tonight – by Henrik Wilkstrom & Steve Martin. I found on ITunes within album called Christmas Nostalgia x

    enjoy… only a short song – but really jolly

  • Nadine Kelley


  • Stephen Gibson

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Faithful Sentinel

    I don’t qualify for the contest, but I shared the video anyway. it’s not often I get to share something that makes me feel good about people being selfless.

  • Tamara Ab

    I had tears in my eyes watching this. Thank you WestJet for this wonderful act of kindness. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

  • EilidhMilnes

    Liked on YouTube, shared on Facey, added to my business blog and now Tweeted. I truly believe that when you speak out what you want the world will conspire to help you and OK yes – this a commercial process, however it is also perfect proof. Love it! What a win win win. Merry Christmas WestJetters!

  • Guest


  • Sundari Venkatraman

    God Bless You! That’s such a wonderful gesture. Or should I say gestures galore? :D

  • Guest


  • Guest

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  • Fernanda Bicchieri

    Fiquei tão emocionada que chorei, achei essa campanha é a coisa mais linda e criativa que já ví nos últimos anos, um trabalho de equipe perfeito e, mais que isso,nos dá esperança de que tudo pode melhorar, no mundo que vivemos hoje é realmente um milagre de Natal! Parabéns!!!!

  • Brett Casey

    Thank you! I was searching for this too!

  • Emily

    I watched this video with my 12 year old son and he asked me after why Westjet did this for everyone and I explained to him that you were giving back and all you were looking for in return was the smiles on everyones faces and how that is the true meaning of Christmas. Shortly after I heard my son banging around in his room and when I asked him what he was doing he said he wanted to give back also and was bagging up a bunch of his toys and books to give to someone who could use them more. I was so moved and proud of my son and I just want to say thank you for sharing this story and what an amazing message. Merry Christmas!!

  • Andrei Peanuts

    Thank you :)

  • Erie Quara Abinader

    Claro que gostaria que acontecesse aqui no Brasil. Eu digo desde já que eu gostaria de ganhar de ganhar um carro FIAT KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Tina Ellison

    I think it’s wonderful, what they did. It made some people very happy. I think however, the people that received these gifts were probably people who could afford them on there own.There may have been a few low income people on that flight. But,for the most part, these people were flying into Calgary. Visiting family, skiing for the holiday, maybe even going home after a vacation. Either way, they could afford the tickets for the flight . They most likely, could afford a warm scarf, or socks and underwear, big screen TV, who knows. Still all in all, (as the tears fall into my disconnected phone, using someone’s WIFI ) this was a great surprise ! Especially for the kids.I am 49 & disabled. There will be no Xmas 4 us. Not even a tree. How do I tell a 3 yr old that there is no Santa coming. Or a 1 1/2 yr old. Or a 13 yr old maybe next year? Still all in all it was a great gesture !

  • Joel Jargstorf

    This is most awesome!! Fantastic gift to the passengers and the world!

  • Katty

    I had tears too watching this video! This is the amazing idea ever!!!! Marry Christmas, West Jet, we love you!!!

  • A northern canoeist.

    Damn, the onions.

  • Cheryl

    Bless you, WestJet! What a remarkable tale of Christmas magic! And, as a board member for Ronald McDonald House of Temple, TX…thank you for remembering our sister Houses this Christmas season!

  • Telecia Woods

    I wish that westjet airlines was in california, I would fly it all the time, I love it when a company cares about there employee and guest. (Great JOB )

  • Rodrigo Muñoz Fontaine


    At this point and with so many kudos I don’t know if someone is actually reading this, but I must share my thoughts. I am a manager of internal audit in one of the largest banks in Chile and came across this video yesterday morning and certainly lived all the emptions described below with my wife and kids.

    From a professional point of view, I work evaluating risks and their controls specially when tehre is a new process that is going to go live. What is amazing of this real time giving experience is the perfection of the outcome and how all employees join forces and creativity to make this happen. It is very rare to find a new process with this outcome.

    What made more sense to me was the closing statement: “Miracles do happen when we all work as one”. If we can keep this in mind in every aspect of our lives, the world would be a different place to live in a very short time.

    Thanks for leading by example!!

    Rodrigo Muñoz

  • Corinna Kunze

    Was für eine Überraschung! So eine liebevolle Geste. Ich bin zu Tränen gerührt. Es ist so schön, wenn man Menschen eine Freude bereiten kann. Würde es doch mehr solcher schöner Momente im Leben eines Jeden geben, dann sähe die Welt vielleicht viel glücklicher und friedlicher aus.

  • Jason Matthews

    I hope the guy who asked for socks and the guy who asked for the Big Screen TV aren’t sharing a ride home from the airport.

  • Sandi Mize Fleischer

    This is so cool. I want to fly with you

  • dedes

    Is this really happening? …. let me write to santa for my Christmas gift …. I want a 2 storey house with garden full of flowers in the location where I live right now ….

  • huaiwei

    After watching this from halfway across the globe in sunny Singapore, I was moved enough to have a strange urge to join Westjet as an employee, just so that I have an opportunity to go on a crazy shopping spree for others!

  • sujay

    Thanks a lot

  • superadrianme

    Heart warming! More airlines and companies should be doing this adding the human element to an otherwise profit making corporate outfit. Kudos to WestJet and the people behind it.

  • superadrianme

    Yes it brought tears to our eyes too. Heartwarming ya! Also wondered to ourselves, why we weren’t there. ;)

  • A Lady’s Manifesto

    WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD…WITH WESTJET! Thank you for sharing the video. There were many lovely emotions expressed and felt. This endeavour not only reached out to your customers but to new customers as well. I’m sure this inspired, motivated and engaged your workforce to boot. Congratulations on showing your customers the difference from good to GREAT!

    On a personal note. I always request to fly Westjet on domestic flights for my business travel and will continue to do so. There has been countless of positive experiences with Westjet and Westjet employees. They are easily my #1 choice for flying. Yes, even over business and first class on the “other” airlines. For personal travel, I always look first with Westjet for vacation destinations.

    Westjet reminds me of Southwest Airlines in the US, an underdog especially to their bigger competitors like Northworst, I mean, Northwest. I enjoyed traveling with Southwest exclusively for business travel in the US in the late 90’s and throughout the last decade.

    Best Wishes to Westjet and to all their employees for the new year. Thank you for taking care of my family and me when we fly.

  • Lusi

    Thank youuuu very very much

  • erika chalker

    Totally agree Rodrigo. The looks on the faces of the team members from Westjet were every bit as wonderful to see as those on the faces of the passengers receiving the gifts. What a great feeling it must have been for the staff to be part of the team that achieved this sensational and heart-warming result.

  • ma

    What a wonderful thing to do. I live in US and don’t fly WestJet…at least not yet.So cool! Made my New Years. Loved the video.

  • Leslie Hand

    Does anyone know how many views, likes or tweets were done via mobile devices?

  • James W. Walker V

    Holy crap my friend used to be a manager at that Best Buy. Small world.

  • mario a

    Honestly,, I am not sure about WestJet and caring for people but for sure it worked as advertisement. I flew American based airlines. Very sloppy, low class service.
    Remember one thing,,,,
    if you want to fly in class you need to fly with Thai airline or S. Korean airline… the above two airlines need no commercial crap.